Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Shrek in the house...

So, no layout photos.
I had a bad day.

And it all boils down to Shrek feet.

What are Shrek feet you ask?
Shrek feet are the new cankles.
And I have them.

Hideous things really. And sadly stingy like mosquitos biting me. This has become one of the many issues with whatever is going on inside of me. Even worse yet, they haven't went away. So, I have shrek feet.


And nausea. It's 1:46 a.m. and I haven't eaten since 10:30 a.m. It would be great if I were losing weight but I have Shrek feet to compensate for that.

And all in all... This post is hilarious. Who in their right mind tells people about their cankles?!?!

That would be me. And it makes me laugh sharing my Shrekiness with everyone.

And this makes me giddy! I pray I can come up with the expendable cash for this class!

Is there a call for models with Shrek feet?

Ok...I'm out like donkey.
See ya around the swamp!


grungedandy said...

Cankles eh? Well some of us where born with them! LOL
The really funny thing is I have the same problem with my forearms & wrists my hands just seem to come out of my popi like forearms with no wrists! LOL
Don’t know what you’d call that fore- ists? Or wri-arms?

I was once asked to describe myself (in an interview with 50 other hopefuls) by what animal would represent me & why? I was the last to go & most of the animals had been taken, I was pissed off with the interview as I felt it had wasted my whole day & I knew I wasn’t what they where looking for! So I stood up and said …………….
“I’m a duck billed platypus because by just looking at me you know I’ve got a great sense of humour!”
Just think of all the money you could make with showing the kids your shrek feet!

Hey babe sorry your feeling under the weather, I wish there was more I could do for you (yes geography sucks, I too wish we where round the corner!) all I can do is send you my love & internet hugs! (OK mushiness over with)

Take care


cindy said...

Just wanted to check in again and let you know I am thinking of you and wishing you only the best. I pray for better health for you and am anxious for you to post and let us know how you are doing.
Take care. Cindy

suebaru said...

Hi Tammy, sorry I haven't stopped by recently..have just been catching up...thinking of you xx
Oh and cankles?? Heck, I never knew there was name for my big fat ankles!

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