Monday, May 07, 2007

My Life...Remembered *Two*

First of all I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa and Jayne aka *G* for joining me on the My Life...Remembered journey. THANKS GIRLS! You totally rock!

All player's work can be see in the slide on the right.
And I have added a link list to the player's web site/blogs. This can also be seen on the right.

Lisa and Jayne you both rocked the first prompt, so impressed by you both.

So let's play...

This week I want you to dig out:
Old magazines, collage materials, books, catalogs
Any collage items you might want to use: fibers, jewels, glazes, found objects anything goes here.
Fave writing tools (Pens, markers, pastels, ink...)

Cut out pieces to make a self-portrait.
It can be just a head shot or full body.
Glue them down.
Using your fave writing tools write the anatomy of you.
Draw arrows to each collage piece and journal why you chose it as a reflection of how you see yourself.
For example I might choose a clipping of tangled yarn for my hair because I see my naturally curly hair as a mess of string.

Post a link to your work here on Wednesday or send me a picture by email and I will add it to the slide show.


I do have a couple of questions though...
Is anyone interested in more than one prompt a week? If so how many?
Would you like journaling prompts every day?

Let me know and I will be happy to play along with your ideas to make this more fun and creative.

Take care of you!


grungedandy said...

Hi Tammy,

Wow it's great to see my art on someone elses blog, thank you. I'm a once a week homework kinda girl I've got this pesky job that pays those pesky bills, so my creative time is very limited. Although I do spend those empty moments on the train & at work thinking of things to do & how to do it.

ok off to do another batch of birthday cards How come so many people I know are born in the spring?


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