Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Life...Remembered *One* + BONUS Journaling Prompt.

I hadn't decided what journal I would use until the last second and then couldn't find the one I *know* i have and was a bit disappointed. I actually wanted to use an all black paged journal because it is so different than any I have used before. I have been writing in journals since I was 12.

But Dennis helped me decide on this journal which is actually a sketchbook. It's big and leather bound and a steal of a buy from an art house 3 years ago for 5.00 :)

As far as a cover design goes, I think as time goes on I'll just add to it. But for now. It's plain and simple and I am good with it as is even if I never change it.

For my first entry I simply went with acrylics and a black Sharpies. Every wave off my circle tells something about who I am and what I feeling right NOW. Simple good creative release.

Even though no one is playing along with me that's ok too. I'm still going to post Monday "fun" challenges and journaling prompts to fill in the pages.

Although I love to scrapbook, I honestly believe a lot of who we are gets lost in the little amount of journaling we do. Although I am a hardcore believer in the art of scrapbooking I think the written word is taking a bit of a back seat to all the other "embellishment". So journals are a perfect way to leave your honest self for the future. So I will be posting journaling prompts for you too. Random stuff. fun and serious.

And in lieu of my LOVE for American Idol last night here is a journaling prompt:
What songs have touched your life? Any special meanings? Past or present :)


lisa said...

I really like this idea and I will play along with you. =) I have journals all over the house that I never write in, this will be wonderful inspiration.

grungedandy said...


Late starter & I may lie & say my cat ate my home work also dyslexic (why do we have a really difficult spelling of a word to discribe a condition that the person with said condition can't spell? it's beyond me) anyhow so writing not my strong point (thank you who ever invented spell check)but i've found a small 6X6 sketch book so i'm in too


lisa said...

I have done my first page and gotten it posted. This IS an accomplishment...

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