Wednesday, May 02, 2007

AI Rocked!

Idol ROCKED last night!

Ok, I admit I am a diehard glamour rock girl from the 80's. Bon Jovi *sighs* And my GAWD is he good looking for his age! Those teeth and that hair. I felt like a teenager hormones and all...LOL But the funny twist my 15 *almost 16 year old was oooohing and ahhhing over him just as bad LOLOLOL!

LOVED all the tunes, songs from my past. And I LOVE Jordin but she just didn't have it last night... I felt horrible for her. :(

Phil was GREAT- Loved Lakisha- Liked Chris- Melinda was OK...
And Blake...


Simon may be right half of the viewing audience will love it and halk may hate it. But at *almost 37* I LOVED it!

Best song ever on AI by a contestant. EVER!

I'll be back later with my journal entry.


Renee said...

Blake was AWESOME!

Lovin' your blog BTW!

lisa said...

well, I didn't catch the show, and Bon Jovi wasn't my favorite, but I am *all* about the glam...

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