Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MLR, Em's Art Challenge and More

I consider myself pretty open to all things. Especially all things crafty. I will attempt anything at least once. And I always thought when artist's spoke about "thinking outside of the box" and "leaving their comfort zone" that they possibly were so focused on their area of expertise that they might be becoming stagnant and attempting to bring some life back into their art.

I was W.R.O.N.G!

I have made many collages in my day. But I never tried a collage portrait much less a collage self-portrait. And I have to be honest. It was SO HARD!
I struggled finding images, then I struggled figuring out how to assemble it and have it still resemble a person... ACK! I was at a complete loss.

Finally after nearing mental craziness I just let all my misconceptions go and started gluing things down. And you know what...

It weird and funky and yet "I" see myself in it.
How weird is that?

And I have total respect for collage artists. You guys ROCK! Way beyond rock. You are GENIUS!

So without further ado here is me a la collage self-portrait.

I used magazine images, paint, corrections pens, 7 Gypsies stamp, and Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Pens.

I will try more of this in the future. And I have a bonus weekend challenge for all you players on Friday in conjunction with this :)


I have caught up on some of Em's Challenges. Here they are:

Week 12: I Believe

Week 13: What's on your mind?

Week 14: Birds

Week 15: Your Parents

I am almost done with the other but not quite yet.

I have created a separate blog for all the web ring members:
Friends of Em's Art Challenges

I just created today and haven't had much time to work on it so give me a little time. I got some ideas I just need more hours in the day. So check it out and bookmark it :)

I know I posted about having pneumonia. Well, my x-ray's are still showing something in my left lung and my white blood cell count is crazy. I have to go again Friday for another round of blood work as well as x-ray's on my lungs, stomach, and pancreas. I feel tired A LOT. I have this weird feeling when I breathe and pain.

And I am a little afraid.

My Doctor is wonderful but she is keeping pretty tight-lipped with me about tests and things. She keeps saying she wants to wait to see this and that. It's all making me a real wreck. So I have been spending as much time with the kids planting flowers and herbs today, and painting Cameron's playhouse.

The playhouse was Ashley's when she was little. Now it is ulee's (Cameron's nickname)...
Here are a few pictures:

These are from 2 weekends ago. I actually finished all the sides this past Sunday. I'll take pictures of all the finished sides tomorrow to share.

I have been playing with the features of my camera and took this shot of Cameron get a helicopter ride from his cousin Jessica:

And this funny shadow picture of my niece Jess, her friend Shannon and I as Charlie's Angels, LOLOLOL!

That be some OVER SIZED Charlie's Angels...LOLOLOL!

Anyway, this is what has been keeping my mind off the other crap.

Memories, ya know...
Go make some.



Dani said...

Your cards are so cool !!

valerie said...

stunning stuff love your cards especially the crows

Marjolein said...

Oh boy, I love your cards!!! And the other stuff is great!

Je@net said...

Your cards are great!!!

Penny said...

Wow, everything you've made is super cool! That collage is fun and funky. I still need to get caught up on my cards, too. I think I have 6 to do.

I hope all is well with your health. Good luck on your next Dr.'s visit!

Debbie said...

What a treat and inspiration to see all that you have been up to! I LOVE your self portrait collage! Now I want to try that ;) I can't wait to see your new blog, too.

I was gone for three weeks and when I got back my computer needed repairs so, I am just now getting back to the Deck of Me challenges and all my favorite blogs. Your cards are super...

I pray that all the test your doctor is doing will lead you back to health...

lisa said...

I love your self portrait - you did a great job. I'm a little slow, so I don't have mine ready yet - hopefully over the weekend.

I love your cards for em's challenge too - the parents card is lovely.

Rachel Whetzel said...

Good stuff! I love your self portrait! You did GREAT! So cool that you found tallyscrapper! I AM a DT member there. It changes every month, but I am on the full time part of it. There are two of us that are.

Anonymous said...

You are such an artiste girl! LOVE your collage and love your cards too. Hope the doc has good news for you soon, I know how it feels to not know what's wrong and to feel scared.

suebaru said...

Love your cards, so fab to see yours again!
Hope you are feeling better soon xx

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