Saturday, April 14, 2007

Snoozing on a Saturday afternoon...

How is it that when you have no kids in the house you wake up naturally at 7 a.m.? Seriously! I do not understand. If my kids were home I would be so exhausted I would beg for a few hours longer to sleep. But no... 7 a.m.


Haven't been blogging.
Just needed a break.
Ever feel like even though you really have no commitments you never have any free time? That is how I feel lately. Sucked into the vacuum of my own world. The computer/online/blogging has been the farthest thing from my mind. As well as scrapbooking, cooking, doing laundry...LOL

We spent the Easter weekend with my Mom and a few more days to make it a full week. It wasn't bad. Actually it was fairly nice. But exhausting on multiple levels. At least I came home to a clean house. And 6 loads of dirty laundry from the week away. Joy!

Way behind on posting Em's cards. No desire to take pictures right now. Maybe it's the 3 inches of SNOW we got the other day!!! Stupid! April SNOW showers. Ugh!

I haven't even touched Shimelle's Class worksheets. Hello! Motivation, where for art thou?

I have however managed to get a good amount of baby blanket crocheted for my niece Niki. Which ironically I find super relaxing.

I should get showered and head to the grocery store but I think I am going to crawl back in bed with the basset hound and sleep for a while. While the house is quiet and the kids don't need their mum. Love that word Mum.

Oh and before I go...
Sanjaya SUCKS!

I leave you with that.

Peace :)


Judi said...

Sometimes you just have to do nothing to get back into doing 'something', LOL ...

suebaru said...

Snow?! It's been really hot here (unheard of in April!) and the kids have been in their swimming costumes!

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