Friday, March 30, 2007

Bring it On Friday Challenge

What will I be doing this weekend????

I am about to attempt this:

Photo property of Nuts About Crochet
and these:

Photo property of

These are amigurumi crochet. And this will be my first time. LOL! So it might not be a good weekend, LOL. I found these patterns this morning and bought them right away!

I remembered growing up my Grandma would make me sweet little things she crocheted or had sewn and my "kid" mind was like, "Why can't she just buy me a real toy?" Today I cherish each and every little felted blue bird and crocheted snake she made me. She died in 2002.

So my kids will *hopefully* be getting these in their easter baskets, along with some "real" toys. And I know one day...Those real toys will be gone but they will still love what I made them. Even after I am gone.

So I have decided to have my own little challenge posts on Fridays. Something crafty, maybe something bloggy/journal, could be anything. I'll make a blinky for the challenges for y'all even. So here is the inagural Bring it On Friday Challenge...

So my challenge to you is:
Go make SOMETHING handmade for someone for Easter this weekend!
It can be anything.

Post a link to your blog in my comments and I will make a post of everyone who participated on Monday.

Bring it on girls...
***Please post about the challenges on your blog and let all your friends know! It will be so much fun to see art from ALL OVER the world! Thanks :)!***


Faye said...

Cool, I'm about to crochet 40 chubby little birds as swap pins for the Freestyling weeekend I am going to in a couple of weekends. The same one that Emily is teaching at. So this challenge is perfect.

Faye said...

and you were right. I went to look at those patterns and just could not resist the little shoulder dragons. I know 2 little boys who are going to love those. Thanks for the link.

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