Friday, March 30, 2007

Adding the Web Ring Code to TypePad

Ngaire, SWEET SWEET, Ngaire helped me out and graciously took time out from her mega busy life so I could finally get help to the girls with TypePad accounts who don't know how to add the code to their blogs. Thank you SO MUCH Ngai...I won't forget this...remember, karaoke, food, and drinks, on me anytime!

This is what Ngaire explained:

You create a new "Notes" typelist, and name it .
Eg: Em's card challenge.
Then choose "New item"
Then cut and paste the web ring code
into the NOTES section of the new item.
Leave the label blank.
Then hit SAVE.

You may then want to go to the DESIGN section, and change the order to place the new section where they like on their blog..

This should work.
This is the link to the help section where it goes through step by step with what to do..

If you need anymore help Ngaire has again graciously offered to help those who need it by email. Just leave me a comment and I will send you her email address.

Thanks again girl for ALL the help!
Much Love


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