Tuesday, April 17, 2007

For what?

3:07 a.m.

Should be sleeping but I can't.

Dennis and I got into a huge fight yesterday and neither of us are willing to bend on it. It's funny because after 16 years of marriage you would think we have had ever argument conceivable. You'd be surprised. 16 years. And let me tell you we have had some doozy fights in our time. Considering we met at 17 and married at 21 we have basically became adults together. But the one thing I have always took comfort in is that no matter what, the love is always there. Pissed off or not.

Right now...
I am pissed off.

And the shooting at Virginia Tech makes me sad.
Sometimes I emerge from my small world to be abruptly slapped in the face with just how crazy our world can be. I wonder if there is insane violence like this in other countries? (Please feel free to voice your comments my adorable foreign readers)

33 people dead.
And for what?
In the end, what good did this madman do?
If he wanted infamy he'll get his 15 minutes until the next tragedy or scandal comes along. But that too will be fleeting.

The truth is...
In the end he is just as dead as the lives of 33 innocent people at his hand. 33 people that could have developed new vaccines for AIDS, or microchips to create better security, or be a mom, or dad, or cure cancer, or help foster peace or ...or..or...or.

But now there are 33 families who will mourn the loss of their loved one and multiply that by at least 100 friends and other family members and you are looking at not just the loss and sadness for 33 parents but 3000+ people who loved them.
And that's being conservative.

My family is originally from Virginia (My Mom) and Kentucky (My Dad). I spent every summer in Virginia as a child. In fact I went every summer all the way to and including my Honeymoon at 21. So my heart feels a little heavier because I consider Virginia a place filled with memories, friends, and family. Good people who work hard, not just in the bigger cities but I am talking about the small towns tucked in the hollers of the mountains who feed their families with food they grow in gardens and can (or "put up" as my Grandma and Aunties used to say) for the winter and where the men work at local business or come home covered in the black dust from long dangerous days spent blasting and mining coal from the strip mines. My brother David is a blaster. I worry about him every day.

I remember thinking that the people in Virginia were so much more friendly then the hustle and bustle people in Michigan. In the small town where my granny lived life was so much more laid back. It wasn't high end mind you. But life was good.

I feel sorry for them today. I'm sure some of them who have worked so hard and pinched pennies and raised their children to live the dream lost their children in the instant flash of gun fire today.

I mourn with them and for them...and for us.
Because today we lost a part of our future too. People that could have changed the world and made it a better place...

And again I ask...

For what?

Hug your family and tell them you love them tonight.
I'll be doing the same to Dennis, at least I have the chance too.



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