Friday, April 27, 2007

Just in case....

In case you ever find yourself wondering what pneumonia looks like...
It looks like this!
I have felt like crap for a few weeks, nothing big. Last Friday it started getting real bad and by Sunday I was sure I was going to die. By 1:00 p.m. Monday I was diagnosed with pneumonia in both my lungs.

This is what I am still taking. It doesn't show the breathing treatments or the micro-antibiotics I took early this week. (The micro made me sick as hell!)

I go for another x-ray tomorrow to see if the pneumonia has decreased. If it has, YAY! I get to stay on meds and HOME! If it hasn't I have to check into the hospital for IV antibiotic treatments.

Right now Dennis has caught the initial symptoms. He took Monday through Wednesday off to care for our kids while I was bedridden. Ash also has a croupy like cough... I feel so bad. So guilty. Cameron is OK, so far. My niece has been trying to keep him with her as much as possible. To save him, he's too little for this.

Just wanted to say if you have emailed me, I'll get to you when I can. I'm sorry if you have been waiting. I just don't have it in me to sit here. But since I woke up in a coughing, wheezing, choking, can't breathe episode I decided I would at least let anyone who might read my blog know where I have been.

Say a prayer for my kids and hubby to keep them well. I would appreciate it.

Nora, if your're reading this THANK YOU for the gorgeous vintage ribbons. They are so delicious! Tell Sean he is still my boyfriend for picking my number! LOL!

Hugs (from a GREAT distance :)


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