Friday, October 20, 2006

My "You Think You Know Me" Album

I have been working on my album for Shimelle's You Think You Know Me Class. Usually late at night after a long day. Usually when I need to escape.

I decided I want to do my own thing and not buy a preconstructed album. After all I am definitely not the norm nowadays. So I started with some chipboard, my Rollabind, and a pencil.

This is what I came up with...

It says "ME" only the E is facing up and makes it a bit off and kinda funky just how I feel. And yep, that's pencil marks you see. I was sketching out letters and ideas before I went at it with the scissors.

The cool part is that the "M" opens to the side and has enough chipboard pages for 5 layouts. And the "E" lifts up and has room for 5 layouts. And I really dig that! All my own design so I am proud of myself.. The black button like things are actually the Rollabind disks that are the hinges or binding of the book. I can add more pages just by popping them on the disk or remove them just as easy.

Here is what the cover looks like right now:

I decided to go with negative images in black and white to strengthen the fact that there is 2 seperate albums if you will. I think it turned out pretty good.

Here's what the "M" looks like opened:

And here is the "E" side opened:

And this is the back cover:

One solid piece of chipboard that keeps the "M" and "E" from seperating. Don't mind the weirdo dots. The lighting is bad.

I would love to hear some comments. I don't post my work often. Always afraid of the negative feedback but as Gen reminded me, As long as I LOVE IT then it doesn't matter.

The kids are both away for the night so I am going to scrap until the wee hours while I have some alone time. Hopefully I will post some pages in the next few hours. :)


ArtsyMama said...

What a great idea! Looks fabulous:)

eef said...

Love your album! How cool is that you can open it from two sides!!! Really like it, very original ;-)

Ngaire said...

Tam this album is wonderful! Good on you for creating something so individual and striking! I love the look of it and you should be very proud of it.
And bah humbug to those of you who dont like it!

~Krystyn~ said...

Your album is awesome!! Super creative and it looks GREAT!!! Can't wait to see more!

Tam said...

Thanks guys for all your comments!

I don't share very often I guess to be honest because I am afraid of the reactions I will get. But I do appreciate all of you taking the time out to leave some wonderful words of encouragement.

You made my day...ok week.

Much love!

Rosemary said...

Your book is excellent! Great job!

I haven't even started mine.

Nat said...

Wowsers - this is awesome!!!!!

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