Thursday, May 18, 2006

My vintage ways...

I managed to get some much needed stuff done yesterday despite wanting to sit on my booty all day and bury myself in movies and hot chocolate...

Checking this crap off my to-do list:
Clean the Fridge and upper-fridge freezer-Done
Clean the big freezer - done (Who knew I actually had this much food to cook, LOL)
Clean & dust & purge all my kitchen cabinets - done (What a mess a shit!)
4 loads of laundry - done, included all our camping crap
Wash my bed linens - done (Hate doing laundry btw!)
Put read books on hallway bookshelf- done , been putting that off forever...
Take camper cookery and all the camping stuff I forgot to take last weekend to the camper - done minus a spatula-can NOT forget that!
Make dinner - Homemade chicken pot pie, yeah I rock! It's the domestic Goddess in me. Plus it's easy as heck...LOL
Pick-up and vacuum the house - partially done- got it picked up but busted the belt on my vacuum.

K, that all sounds good but...
By 8 p.m. I was whipped and got the kids in bed and left all the dinner dishes undone, 8 trillion Lego's on the floor and still didn't vacuum even though Dennis put a new belt on the dumb thing for me.


Sometimes, I truly believe I live each day in reruns.
Deja Vu gone hell mad crazy!

By midnight I was back up and feeling yuk! Just a backache from moving furniture and stuff. (I move my furniture on a regular basis...Not sure why.) Apparently I am trying to find some good mojo or sumpin`...

So I surfed around the blogs checking my fave peeps out and some new ones...

Course that sometimes bums me out... I love looking at everyone's art. And I mean art. I hope everyone feels like they make art when they stamp, scrap, collage or alter. It is so beautiful, each in it's own respect. Last night I was so digging me some Klala aka.. Kristina!

The shit she does with paint and her hands is ultra kewl. I get it. It gets me. A few weeks ago she posted a layout of her hands and they were covered in paint and I was so down with that. At any given moment I could have paint, caulk, tape gunk, fruit snacks ooze (Thanks to Cameron, LOL) on my hands. She is good with her altered hands, and so am I.

She rocks. I hope she knows.
Sometimes it's good to know.

Back to paint...
I have used paint on one layout. A bottle of old acrylic I had stashed from making candle jars for my sister's at Christmas... For the record they said, "Got Bait! Got Beer! Gone Campin`!"


But I don't own scrapbook paint. Is it different? I have seen the Making Memories Paint Kits but only online. They are really beautiful and love the thought of getting the stamps with them. That rocks!

Do any of you use the MM paint or another scrap company paint- is there another scrap company producing paint? LOL

See, like I told Linds... I am a vintage scrapper. And by that I mean all my supplies are old, so it's virtually vintage...LOL And other than they sidekick my Mom bought me... I seriously think the last actually scrap product I purchased that was current was well over a year ago. Some Pebbles Inc kits for the 4th of July album I am making currently.

When I look at everyone's layouts and art I usually am in total awe and giddy with them. Some of this stuff I have never seen. Never ever in person. This is probably why I don't post layouts too often. My stuff is retro...LOL Who wants to see old retro! I miss the days of selling crap on ebay and turning around to spend all that money on current scrap goods... But I so do not have time for that. Maybe someday again but not until Cam is in pre-school.

So someone share their favorite paints, current fave scrap goody.... I would love to see them. It's kinda like wishful window shopping for me.

Be kind to the vintage chick...K
Show me your stuff!



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