Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Weekend in Pictures...

Back from the weekend away camping.
Too much fun.

But what can ya do?!?!
Make the best of it and go with the flow.

We left around 4 on Friday and were set-up and getting drenched by 5:30. Literally drenched.

It was so cool to have my sisters there, as well as my nieces, their significant others and some new friends.

This is my sister Elaine and BIL Dale's pop-up. I do have to admit that all of the rain made for this beautiful lush green background. Sleepy Hollow had amazing sites. They were secluded, had awesome fire pits and paved parking areas for your campers and RV's. The bathrooms were clean, a bit smelly (Hint to the park workers: LYSOL!) The grounds were well-maintained and the lake very beautiful.
This is my sister Connie and BIL Jim's huge diesel-pusher. Talk about camping comfort, sheesh. Cameron slept in here every night with his bestest Aunt Nonnie and best monkey Uncle Jim. They spoil him rotten, and Ash too. But she had a friend so they terrorized our motorhome. Joy!

On another note about Sleepy Hollow, campground is fab. The workers and registration- SUCKS! They moved us from the north park to the south park because of the water. But by the time Dennis and I arrived they had reopened the north park and put us back in the original camp site. My sisters were pissed and Elaine went up there and set them straight...LOL! Needless to say we were moved with the rest of our family ;)

This is our motorhome. Note the orange pinstripe did not get repainted. I only had time to do the bottom 2 before we got rain so it will have to wait. Then that disgusting orange will become that much better hunter green. For the record the old carpet in the RV was also that same hiddy color orange but it's now a awesome sandalwood berber. Thank GAWD! Also take a look at all those bikes and grub on the picnic table. Yeah, we eat good above anything else. That's my hubby and sister Elaine in the pic. Sporting cold weather gear...LOL!

This is my niece and nephew's retro 70's Trans-Van. I LOVE this thing! But I am a retro girl, I guess. It's totally tripped out inside with a futon, full kitchen, bathroom and bed & table. And it's a damn van...LOL! Love that! Also dig their sage green boat. DJ, my nephew just returned from a year of serving with the Army in Baghdad, Iraq. This is the first summer he has got to enjoy his trans-van and boat. So glad to have him home safe and OUT of the service. Thank you, God...thank you.

This is my niece and nephew, Tiff and Travis's fifth wheel. I couldn't get a good shot of this because of their campsite being so secluded by trees. It's cool though. Wish I could have gotten a pic of their uber-chunk baby Hunter. I call him short-short fat man. LOL!

This monster RV is Cassandra and Abel's! They are friends of my niece Melissa and DJ. This thing was amazing! It had onboard camera for backing up, a full master bedroom and bathroom and you pushed a button and the thing leveled itself. Not to mention builtin entertainment center, stereo throughout with 8 disc CD changer and on and on... a 100,000 rig. Way outta anything we would ever own but amazing to see none the less. And Abel, his family owns a Mexican restaurant in Lansing. He made the most AMAZING grilled steak fajitas on Saturday with grilled corn tortillas and salsa made from scratch! OMG! They were to die for!!!

This lovely little diddy is my feet at the camp fire....LOL! Observe the jeans rolled up like a hillbilly and the croc-wanna-be's. Yeah, that's right. Rolled up the jeans to avoid getting wet and wore my sandals...LOL Does that not say white trash or what...LOLOLOL! I love this picture. Don't know why, just do.

This is my sweet lil Cam and his best monkey uncle Jim. Cam so LOVES camping and the outdoors. Of course he was really lovin` the water and mud too. Go figure. He had a great time and did not want to come home.

This picture of hotness is my hubby Dennis. Yowsa! Even in his back-asswards trucker hat and bundled up like a bear and unshaven he is scrump! And he is deep-frying cinnamon rolls. Can you say - Go babe! Go Babe! LOL!

Well, that's about it for my weekend in pictures.

We are home until next Wednesday when we leave for 5 glorious days camping at
River View. We have been here before but not for such a log stay. I am way excited and looking forward to day-trips to the local shops, fruit markets, and sights. Not to mention camp food, and drinks, maybe some canoeing if the weather isn't horrid and making memories with my babies and family.

Should be good.

Not feeling to well though. Got a bit of a chest cold. Not much desire to prepare for vacation again but forcing myself. Catching up with my blogger babes and finding out how your lives are.

Off to play with my little Cameron..



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