Sunday, April 09, 2006


While I have been working on lo's all day at my desk I occasionally check my email during breaks. Wellll, during one of those email checks I happen to get the CreativeXpress newsletter annoucing their warehouse sale. Out of curiousity I click over there and...

Out goes my whole less is more theory!

The sales were way too good to not buy!

I got a shipload of stuff and it cost a total of....

Drum roll....


The Sizzix Sidekick was only $20.00! Whooooot!

Lesson learned:
Sales far out way the desire to make quicker layouts.

Yummilicious Tin for a purse!

8 x 8 Paper - FUN, FUN, FUN

6 x 6 Clikit Album - Love me some Mini Albums!

Finally, I can do eyelets at night! Wooohooo!

Never, EVER, have enough paper!

Wanted these 4-eva!

Die Divinity!

Hinge Happiness!

Lovin these!

Deal of the Day!


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