Sunday, April 09, 2006

Dic"TATER" Swing

Ever heard the song, "This is the song that never ends.... It's goes on and on again..."

This is like the album that never ends. I swear.

Hated these layouts at first but now they are two of my faves. Gotta love those rub-ons.

It just occured to me that someone might be wondering why there is no journaling on my pages. Well, I am the mother of a 15 year old and a 2 year old. So when I am able to finish up layouts I leave the journaling for later when my punkin nut is taking his nap in the afternoon or so into the Koala Brothers that I have a few minutes to journal.

After many years of puter journaling I hand journal almost every page now, even most titles. Even though it was my creative karma that created the lo's, they didn't feel personal enough to me. My handwriting ain't fabu, trust me, but it's me. And one day my kid's can touch it and show my grandbabies and say your Grandma wrote this. It's her story.

Doodling and lettering books were a big thing back in the day but now there is such a tendency to puter journal, I was wondering if anyone had any good lettering/journaling books that they could recommend to me?

I would appreciate it.

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