Saturday, April 22, 2006

Randomness and a Call for Help or Advice...

Today was long. Long, uneventful, and did I mention long?Dearest hubby took a 6 hour round-trip to pick up my oldest brother and bring him back here to visit my Mom. Ash, our Teenage Terror went with him. Which left me and beautiful brown-eyed boy home by ourselves.

Cameron is the sweetest kid. I love him beyond words but today I think he was trying to kill me subliminally through Disney channels cartoons. Doodlebops, Koala Brothers, Charlie and Lola, Higglytown Heroes...

I still hear them now. Brain fried.

BY the time 7 p.m. rolled around I was ready for a shot of tequila and therapy. Thank goodness he is grown out of naps. My little 2 year old is sound asleep by 8 p.m. and I have time to pull myself from the madness of my melancholy.

I had the most uber fun, soulful chat with Lindsay tonight. I LOVE this girl to bits and pieces. Why oh why do we have to live half the country away from each other? :(

So Linds and I are going to make mini albums of self-confidence boosters! How cool is that! Motivation, self-assurance, and woman power to keep by our sides for those downer moments.

This is also something I am going to do with Ash and her 2 best friends. We call them the Pixie Chicks after the Dixie Chicks. They are at the age when peer pressure and words hurt. Ash is a little overweight so she gets "those" looks and rude remarks like lardo and really hurtful things. Shannon is tall, almost 6 feet and she gets the remarks about height and she says all the "popular" girls call her homely and ugly :( Anastasia is part Puerto-Rican and African-American. Her and Ash are super close. We all adore her, always have. But we live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, 99% white. School policies are tough so she doesn't get racial slurs per say but she told me last weekend that the "girls" aka the popular girls make remarks about her hair and she doesn't get asked out. (FYI: this is a 14 year olds version of want to go out? Meaning lets be boyfriend and girlfriend at school, LOL)

So this summer I want to help them create journals to reassure them that they are strong, smart, beautiful young women. With the power to be whatever they choose, no matter what they are told.

I desperately would appreciate any ideas on lo/subject ideas. Actually any ideas in general. When I was 14 I had a book called Choices. It was like a workbook/journal that delved into all the issues that define and mold your teen life into adulthood. However this book is no longer in publication :(

So if anyone, ANYONE is willing to share some ideas I would be indebted to you for always...

K, it's late like 3 a.m. almost. And I need to go to bed. But first I want to say a special HUGE thanks to
Lu and Toya for stopping by my blog today and leaving me comments. I read your blogs, adore your work and prose! Lu is a fab photographer! She sees beauty in things we so often take for granted. I LOVE that! Thanks girls! You made me feel special...

Take care of you!


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