Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back from Bitter to Semi-Sweet

Do you know what continually amazes me each and every single day???

The human spirit. The true kindness of strangers. The beauty of the soul.

So yeah, I had this really crappy day yesterday. I was beyond bitch. If there was a zone for bitchiness, I owned it. But part of that was sulking in my misery and not looking past it to see everything that is good in my life.

I do that sometimes, it is a part of me. It happens.

Then I got an email from this amazing chick! And she knows who she is! She made me laugh, she made me cry. She made my day. And she reminded me why we pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and go on. We have so much in common and in her I see a piece of myself and I respect so much about her love for family and her husband.
She is smart, funny, sensitive and sincere and if she lived next door I would be beating on her door waking her up to have coffee. Remember that girly!

SO this morning I raise my steamy mug of java up in a toast to you, my friend. If all we can ever ask for in our lives is to touch someone else's, you have done that, you touched mine.


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