Thursday, July 05, 2007


This morning as I choke down a bowl of cornflakes + skim milk (no sugar) and eat a piece of toast with strawberry All Fruit I am "to-do"ing my day. What I NEED to do versus what I WANT to do. Everyday requires a certain amount of NEED to-do's.

At least one load of laundry.
Play with my kids.

In no particular order mind you. Sometimes we have breakfast for dinner and I might not get a shower until 5 p.m. It just depends. But I do these on average EVERY day.

I don't necessarily like doing them. In fact, I hate doing the laundry. But I do them.

And today, I have amassed many loads of laundry do to slacking off. I also have to mop the floors from the many wet feet that tracked in and out of our house from yesterday's activities.

As I was eating the thought occurred to me that I can make a choice here.
Not a choice whether to do them or not, although I could do that. It really would be more detrimental to me in the long run and it has to get done.

But a choice to be happy about it. OK, maybe happy isn't the right word. OK with it.

And this is pivotal. (Also a word I like)

In life so many actions and reactions are affected by choice. The outcome as well.
If I spent all day being angry about my "chores" I would more likely than not be pissy at my kids, my husband, my life. Resentful perhaps, or even depressed.

So I choose to be OK with it.
It's my life. I am living and breathing. They aren't really hurting me. And I could NOT be able to do them. I could NOT be here. But I am. And I am grateful.

And the next time someone pisses me off, or I say that silent "Why me?" thought in my head I will remember it is all about choice.

The choice to be nice to other people.
A choice to love the life I have been blessed to live.
A choice to be thankful I have tiny hand prints to wash from the windows.
A choice to love the imperfect body I have that has grown 2 beautiful children and walked a 1,000 miles.

Everything is about choice.

And this is my lesson for the day.

Make the right choice.


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