Monday, July 09, 2007


Tommorrow is the day.
I'm nervous...
It hasn't been the best week. Apparently I internalize stress which leads to this amazingly God awful thing called ulcers. Whodathunk?!

So hot around here. We finally got a breather this afternoon with a nice thunderstorm. I'm excited to see Harry Potter and Transformers. Yeah, I know geekazoid but who cares... :)

My birthday is rolling around. The, yet another joyous event, is lurking in the recesses of my mind. The big 37. Getting ever so close to 40.

I received an amazing package from Karla.

Can you say HOLY SHIT?!?!
Uh, yeah that's what I said just before I started bawling like a 3 year old.
I won a contest a while back on her blog for the Autumn Leaves stamps but HOLY SHIT...all the 7 Gypsies stuff and the Autumn Leaves page kit, and Narratives rub's...My gawd!

K, this was a wonderful, way crazy amazing gift. I do not even know what to say other than, THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart. I could never repay you for such a generous gift but oif you are ever in my neck of the woods...It's drinks, karaoke (I KNOW you can sing girl!) and lot's of good grub!

This arrived on a perfect day when I was in a "poor me" slump about this medical crapola..and a very vivid reminder of the kindness and generosity of other people... Thanks again, K!

Off to shave my legs so the poor gynecological specialist doesn't think I am sasquatch's sister...


grungedandy said...

Hi babe,

Sorry you’re still not feelin so good, but congratulations on the autumn leaves & 7 gypsies stuff you deserve it. It will be fun to see what you do with them!

I looove autumn leaves clear stamps, they are hard to come by over here but I have my contact’s & have persuaded my LCS to try & get them in!
Just like I did with the basic grey papers (my other addiction!)

Ha another girl geekazoid! (Are you sure you’re not my long lost sister LOL) I too will be seeing both films & awaiting the last P book!

Ok back to work
Take care, Good luck at the gyno

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