Thursday, March 15, 2007

United in Art... Much LOVE!

Almost 3 a.m. and I really should be going to bed or already in bed but I am not. Just sitting here and realized that I have not given enough time to the old blogger as I should have.

Every once in a while I step away and ponder.

My life.
My importance in above life.
My purpose.

You know all that monumental stuff we tend to tuck away in the recesses of our minds because sometimes it is just too scary to even let the shit occupy our brain cells.

Fear is a powerful little beast.

It took me a LONG time to recover from the last weekend I spent with my Mom. I APPRECIATED all the wonderful messages, comments, and emails. You will never realize how valuable I find every word you have shared with me. I wrap them up, just like the ugly things, and tuck them away inside because the good balances the ugly and that is how we survive. Once you can't see the good anymore you might as well hang it up.

Special thanks to Penny who did something so sweet for me...I will never forget your kindness!

Give Penny a HUGE hug for making it to the next round of MM Idol!
She is SO talented and genuinely a amazingly sweet person! Congrats P! You ROCK!

Lis, (I didn't get your email hun), Sue,and Debbie for all your sweet encouraging and supportive comments. I will NEVER forget the gift of friendship...

I wish I could spend 3 paragraphs talking about how glorious spring is and the warm weather...but I live in Michigan. Uh...It was 65 degrees Tuesday and 40 degrees today and getting colder. So much for that chat eh...

Updates, hmmm... Since we last talked my niece Carrie got married.
Here are a few pictures:

They got married in Midland at a beautiful church with amazing stained glass. And I took no pictures. I was too busy enjoying the moment. The reception was beautiful. Valley Plaza Resort served an exquisite multi course meal. Followed by dancing and open bar. I had one really amazing sex on the beach drink. ONE! LOL... I let Dennis live it up and tie one on. And headed back to our suite with Cameron around 9:30 p.m. because he was exhausted!

We all met for breakfast the next morning so I did get to spend some much loved time with my family. My mom did not attend. She didn't want too...*sighs*

I am so far behind on Em's Art Journal Challenges. :(
But I do have everything set to go for all three cards. Just trying to get my eggs all in one basket and the chicken (me) won't cooperate.

We have had a bunch of girls join the web ring... YOU ROCK! 35 and going strong!

I have been thinking about that a lot too. How much I have learned from all the really amazing artists I have come to know from Em's challenges. Artists from countries WORLDWIDE! And I mean worldWIDE! And I wonder how many of these mega-talented women don't know about each other? How small my little scrapbooking world used to be... Until I met these women....

And I really think a lot of people are missing out. Missing the chance to experience art and culture on a global level. And that makes me a bit sad... So I have been considering creating a new web ring for scrapbook artists worldwide. Where every click would bring you to a new artist in a new country. Where women can share their love for the art with women who may not share the same country but the same passion.

Here are some thoughts I have been mulling around...
web blog for above said web ring...
Weekly featured scrapbook artist.
Possible prompts or inspirations/challenges...
(Not trying to be a challenge type blog, like the Dares or Em... I was thinking more blog posting prompts...Like, What is the most vivid memory you have as teenager...Tell me about the best day of your life...etc...)
Web ring with click by click jumps to different artists/countries.

There are very few web rings for scrapbookers. The 2 peas ring, and one more that I know of other than the one I created for Em's art journal challenges. Web rings generate visitors to your blog. This means more people can get to know you, see your work, find friendship...

It's a good thing, as Martha would say....

What do you guys think?
If I get enough people interested I will get it started... Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts and ideas...


suebaru said...

Good to see you back hun! Love the snowy wedding pics!

suebaru said...

Good to see you back hun! Love the snowy wedding pics!

Penny said...

I'm glad to see you blogging again! I hope you're doing better. Don't worry, I'm a bit behind on my cards, too.

Oh, and you're SO welcome, and thank YOU for the sweet compliments!

Your neice looks absolutely gorgeous! I love her dress with all the snow in the background.

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