Saturday, February 17, 2007

Violet... you're turning blue Violet!

Hmmm, previous post is probably the reason one should avoid writing when more tired than she thinks...

No links, just codes and ramblings. Not a good combo. Oh well, what can I do. ancient history.

Not feeling so well today. This makes me somewhat cranky and I am aware of this. So I try to avoid being cranky which makes me even more cranky that no one is acknowledging my efforts. It's PMS, I know it.

The ugly monthly hell. But my personal hell befalls the week before. I swell up like, well...

Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Minus the blue tint...

I am incredibly exhausted ALL THE TIME!
No Focus!
No motivation!

People piss me off. And I know they aren't really trying to but all they have to do is strile one invisible nerve and there I BLOWWWWWWW...

TV commercials make me cry! That dog kennel commercial KILLS ME!
I crave chocolate...*Which I do NOT normally*

And all I want is a maid, a nanny, a personal chef, and a masseuse.

And since that isn't going to happen I am left to wallow in my own self-PMSing-Pity!

I suppose I should be thankful. At 36 I am edging quickly towards menopause. My Mom and both of my sisters had to have hysterectomies in their early 40's. This is not a good history.

The hubby does take pity on me though. After watching the birth of our two children he does stand in awe of the `gina. And he fears the wrath of the The FemBeast on Cramps... So he indulged my unsatisfiable hunger for some Panda Express. *Note* Be nicer to the man cub...

And did I mention I am like hot... Not like sexy hot..but like fry an egg of my ballooning rear end hot... What is up with that! This PMS thing is ridiculous. And I can now tell you it only gets worse as you get older.

If I win the lottery I am having a fountain machine installed in my laundry room so I can have unlimited ice cold Dr. Pepper to fulfill my undying thirst which ironically makes me swell up like Violet Beauregade...

I think I'll end on that note...or at least while I am able to still walk...I feel my self inflating by the second.


ruthimus said...

Thanks for the advice. I really do have so much that I know I can do, and ebb and flow has always been my motto, alas I never follow it. I am also astounded to see me under scrapbook geniuses on your blog. That makes the day totally worth it. Thanks again =)

Jenni Jones said...

Hi There,
If you think PMS is bad, wait until menopause finds its nasty way into your life.I am trying to deal with it, but it is so horrendous. My family are scared of me, and ring before coming over to check out my mood!!! Our house is like a freezer in summer and my poor dear partner just rugs himself up in winter woolies to keep warm, and never complains, (probably too afraid). So as I tell my daughter, rejoice in your monthly agony.... there is much worse to come!
I can now understand why mental assylums were full of 50 year old women in the 1940s and 1950s!
LOve your blog and your sense of humour....

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