Monday, February 19, 2007

United in Art

Not sure I can top last nights post about .'s so what am I going to write about tonight??? Hmm...

Well first off I have to say Art Journal Challenge Girls ROCK!
Seriously great art by awesome chicks from all OVER the world. Love that! We are up to 22 members on the web ring and I have 2 who need to get their codes on their blogs and we will have 24 members!

I need a little help for a member who has a TypePad blog. She needs someone to help her get her code on her blog. If you have a TypePad account and are on the web ring, please leave me a comment or email me and I will put you in contact with the other girl. I would REALLY appreciate it :)

This art journal challenge and the web ring have really opened my eyes- Literally - to all the really amazing artists around the world. I do not spend a huge amount of time at web communities like 2peas, not because I have anything against them, so having the opportunity to see artists from all these amazing places really makes my world seem HUGE! I am SO LOVING that!

And it makes me wonder how many other scrappy artists, and other art form artists, have missed the chance to see into the world of poeple who share the same love of art as they do...

Maybe a web ring for international scrappers...what do ya think???

Gotta cut this short, Cameron just woke up and he is throwing up....Talk soon.


Lis said...

I totally agree! I am not only loving doing the cards every week but am really enjoying looking at everyone else's cards. Has opened my eyes to alot more possiblities in my own creativity!

Hope your little boy is alright.

Penny said...

I just joined the ring....I have the link on my blog, but it's acting a little weird. I hope I signed up right!

I finally posted week 6, now to get to work on week 7!

suebaru said...

Hope Cameron is feeling better soon!

Faye said...

I am also doing Em's Art challenge and I'd love to be part of the ring. Can you please tell me what I do to join in.

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