Saturday, February 17, 2007

"Virtual" Shopping

1:45 a.m. and I can NOT sleep. ANyone who knows me or reads this blog might notice this is some sick sort of pattern. I HATE it. But the truth of the matter is that it is a combonation of things.

Evidence part one:
Usually by 9 p.m. my back is fried like eggs on sunday morning... So laying down, which may seem like a good reprieve is actually not that big of a help. My back seems to seize up or tighten, and inevitablly makes me more miserable.

Evidence part two:

The kids are usually in bed and sound asleep by 10 and after Dennis gets home at 11:30 p.m. and I get him some grubbage and settled in the house is finally QUIET! Ah, sweet quiet! How I love silence... No one yelling, "Mommy!" or "Honey"...just silence. So I stay up to relax...Kind of ironic that one.

So here I sit with nothing to do. I have read all my blogs, took care of some family emails, and now I am bored senseless. So I decided to virtual shop. I love virtual shopping... It's not as good as real shopping but a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do to be happy...

So here is my "this is what I would be buying if I really had any money to shop...but I don't so let's pretend I can" list of purchases I would love to buy:

  1. ANYTHING 7 Gypsies

    When I frst seen 7 Gypsies products I thought not for me but now that I am older and I appreciate the simple eloquence, I am ALL ABOUT the Gypsies! I have never owned a piece of 7 Gypsies paper even...*la sigh*
    Here are a few things I would definitely throw in my "dream" shopping cart...
    * ANY and ALL of their Gaffer Tapes
    * CReme and Red Binding Rings
    * Any Arrow Photo Turns
    How cute are they!
    * Elastics
    I would love these to make custom mini books!
    *Those super cool replacement pads for the 97% self-inking stamps in red and brown...
    Ok, the truth is I would buy it all, lol!I have a couple self-inking stamps and one sheet of labels by 7 GYpsies, so I would buy it all...

  2. Making Memories

    * Kraft Paper- YUMMO!
    * Attachment Assortments- Coolio!
    *Vintage Hip Buttons- Remind me of of my Grandma, so sweet...
    * Valentines Index Tab Combo's...A-dorable
    *Shimmer Stickers---LOVEEEEEEEE These!
    *All About Alphas and Number Stickers-Love the assorted Sizes and colors!
    *Boho Chic Tiny Alphas- OKKKKK, I WANT these-Everyone has these, they are too flippin` cute!
    *Wall Text- This ROCKS!
    *Foam Stamps, Simply Fab and Gabby..Love em!
    *Foam Stamps beautiful
    * Distressing Kit...Could learn a whole lot of techniques from this!
    Love their Paper Collections, subtle elegance. Classy...

Ok, now I am tired and I can't even finish shopping So I'll leave my virtual cart right here until I need another fix...

Sweet shopping dreams to you


Livvy U. said...

Hello, this is the second time I have come by - I found you via your Deck of Cards link on Queendebbee's site - and I thought I would say hi. I love that lots of your posts are very un-English - I love learning about a whole 'nother life - and at the same time I love that we are all really part of the one big human family. Your writing about your love for your man, for instance, that was universal, and moving. Thank you.

suebaru said...

Eek!! I so should not have looked at your shopping list!!

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