Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloween

As promised here are some pictures from todays pumpkin carving...

This is the skeleton and Frankenstein. My camera batteries were dying so some of these shots are horrid. Sorry about that!

This is Franky up close. I didn't take a picture of the skeleton up close and I have no idea why...Blonde moment I guess.

This is One-eyed Jack the Pirate and the Werewolf. Ash did One-eyed Jack. I couldn't get my camera to focus in the dark to take a photo with the candles burning which is sucky. Oh well...

This is our little Mr. Skelly Bones. Sans his face paint. He was really not into that at ALL!

And these were a part of my Halloween attire today.

These uber-cool shoes and striped socks which I finished off with this rad little Tee:

Cameron said I was dressed up like Mr. Skelly's Mommy. LOL!

I went to see my Mom and took Cameron dressed in his costume. I had high hopes of it beng a great visit. It was not and tonight I don't want to even think about any of that. I just want to remember the fun stuff.

And last but not least I took a picture of where I hang my finished layouts. I totally stole this idea from Elsie Flannigan and I LOVE IT! I am so close to being finished with the mini book I am making to record all the cool little things Cameron says. So that's mostly what you see hanging in the picture. Well minus the layout I did for Last Scrapper Standing.

Well, that's it for me tonight. I am beat and I think I might try and finish a few more pages and then hit the sack.

I hope everyone had a FAB Halloween!


eef said...

Thanks! Hope I'll be better soon ;-) Love your halloween pictures!

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