Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All Hallow's Eve...

Today my daughter turns 15.

Where did 15 years go?
I was just barely 21 when I had Ash. Just a kid myself really. And now I feel like an old car-pool Mom somedays. And that precious little bald-headed baby is 3 inches taller than me and has the thickest head of hair around. And she is a little girl any longer. She is a beautiful, sensitive, outgoing, kind, and creative young woman. And being her Mom has been one of the greatest joys of my life (Ok, and somedays not so great, she is a teenager after all.)

But I can not even imagine a single second of our lives without her laughter and sillyness and spirit.

She is my pumpkin, born on Halloween and will always be my little girl. Even when she is 30.

Here are 2 of my favorite pictures from her first Homecoming Dance a few weeks ago.

She made her Dad very nervous that night. I think for the first time since she was born he realized she was growing up.

Been trying to function as though things are somewhat normal around here for the kids sake. Doing all the things we would normally do like carve pumpkins. We always make a big deal about who carves the best pumpkin. Here are three we finished this afternoon.

This is with the lights on...
The Werewolf, Scary Skeleton, and a severed hand (LOVE THAT!)

And this is with the lights off.

They turned out so good.

Tomorrow will bring forth One-Eyed Jack the Pirate, Bats, and Frankenstein. I hope they turn out as good.

Cameron is going to be Mr. Skelly Bones and Ash is dressing up as Daddy's Little Devil complete with fire red flame pants. She is just taking Cameron around though. She has never been much for Trick or Treating. She has always liked giving out candy better.

My Mom had her endoscope on Sunday and they found no ulcerations or tears. They believe all bleeding stems solely from the Coumadin. Thank goodness. She has been feeling pretty good but she is still weak. Her confusion is almost gone. BUt that is never a sure thing because it flucuates ever since her brain surgery. There is still no mention when she may come home.

I'll share some pictures from the Halloween festivities tomorrow.

Happy Halloween to you and yours!


genevieve said...

hi tam :)
happy halloween! LOVE your pumpkins!
i'm glad you're enjoying *some* sense of normalcy during trying times. and i'm glad your mum is getting the care she needs.

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