Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Project Runway was of the hook tonight...

So there were no Olsen twins but bring back that pervo freak Vincent and weirdo Angela was almost as good.

Loved the forced black and white challenge!

Laura rocked this one. I would have chosen her dress too or tied her and Michael. My man Jeffrey was off. Totally reminded me of an 80's Madonna look. Uli...BORING! Same old shit. Kayne. Well... Buh bye. You made me laugh but you really don't got the taste factor going on.

Jeffrey better pull of something elegant this next xhallenge or I think they might send him packing.

Good times...

I'm off to bed. Cameron woke up crying at 9:30 and that is so unlike him. He was unconsolable for about 15 minutes. I hope it was just exhaustion from no nap today and not him getting sick...

My stomch has been churning for 2 days. Gawd... Please no flu type crap.

I hate being sick.


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