Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Project Runway musings

I haven't talked much about PR for a while. The mom thing has been pretty thought consuming but I have not missed a single second of this delish eye drama!

The week Alison was handed her walking papers I was pissed. Alison was my fave. Hands down, loved this girl. Loved her cute look, loved her sweet persona, loved her skills. I almost cried. I did bitch at the TV screen in my pajamas in my living room all by myself. Like a total dork but whatever.

Vincent: So sucked. His weirdo sleeves: eww! And if I swear if I had to endure one more episode of him saying things like, "It does it for me", "It gets me off"... OH MY GOD!


Angela: Never liked her. She seemed, I don't know, like she was always schemeing and that irritates me. Hiding behind a sweet country facade. Bullshit. That jetsetter outfit she made. Eww!

Jeffrey: Love him! Hate how he treated Angela's Mom, but we all have moments. His recycled dress. It was da shit. His jetsetter outfit: rockalicious! His couture dress: Hello! Effing beautiful! That yellow plaid print was so rocking the whole scene. The others paled, PALED, in comparison.

Laura: Laura I don't know. Pregnant again. Umm, ok. Whatever works for ya. But her clothes... It must just be me because I think they are so old. It's like she is dressing herself. It weirds me out.

Michael: I think he'll make it to the final 3. He's got skills. I like him too. His Foxy Brown outfit rocked!

Kayne: Kayne to me is like a Jay flashback but without taste. Kayne can make some crazy gowns but they are more Miss America to me than fashion house. He's funny though. And how he has skated through some of these projects...I don't know. That Elvis jetsetter thing. Yukko!

Uli: Uli's dresses are pretty. BUT is anyone else sick of seeing those twisted fabric straps. I swear all of her clothes arre starting to look the same to me. Mad prints: Same Dress. I want to see her do a mad pant... Jacket... Something or anything not a twisty strap dress... Ugh!

And if tonights episode has them designing for the Olsen twins I swear to god it will be the freakin best eva! I know the previews made us think that. I am so hoping. Hahaha!

I can NOT wait for tonight!

Bring on the PJ's, Dr. Pepper, and my living room all by myself!


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