Thursday, August 10, 2006

Last Scrapper Standing...

Last night was the deadline for theLast Scrapper Standing challenge at The Dares.

I finally got my layout uploaded to two peas in a bucket at...

11:57 p.m. and 15 seconds EST.

Uh, yeah. I was shitting my pants too. Could not have been on a worse night. Cameron wasn't sleeping well. He kept having nightmares. Poor little guy. Ash has 2 other crazy teens over making mucho noise and it was Project Runwaynight!

I Loved Michaels Knight's Foxy Brown outfit...I even thought Angela's Audrey Hepburn outfit was gorgeous! But my gawd! AM I glad to see Bradley go! Did anyone else think he was stoned ALL THE TIME? OMG! He drove me crazy! And that outfit for Cher...What the FUG was that?!?!?! Robert- He is so not hip!

Loved the show... Can't wait for next week.

Back to LSS:
After 3 attempts and a serious case of the nerves I just did a layout and am good with it. I am having a harder time with it just being out there for everyone to see. Very hard for me to open up this wound for everyone to judge and comment on. I have never even talked about it here.

My dirty little secret, my skeleton in the closet, my baggage...
I don't think I am ready to write too much about it now. I need a little time to get myself ok with sharing it to begin with. I am afraid. Still afraid of what people will say. *sighs* It's hard to be judged on something you can't change. Hard to live with a disfigurement, no matter how small.

Anyways... Here is my layout:

And here are the tags that come out of the side:

I looked at the other players and LOL so know I don't stand a chance of making it out of the first round but I am glad I did it. And no matter what anyone says, I am ok with it.

Good luck to all you crazy talented scrap artists out there. You totally rock!

My coffee cup is empty and I am outta here.

Later :)


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