Friday, August 11, 2006

I'm sorry but you're Out!

Feels like Fall here in Michigan this morning...

I actually shut off the central air and opened the windows. There is a cool breeze blowing and the sky is brilliant blue. Gorgeous. Well minus the mosquitos. They still attack the second you open the door.

So grateful Dennis will be home this weekend. Someone else wanted to work and I seriously need a hubby fix. I know the kids are going to the Air Show in Bay City tomorrow with my sister but I don't know if we will. Maybe Dennis and I will sneak off and see a movie and have dinner together. Ya know like adults sans children. LOL :)

I didn't make it out of round one of the Dares challenge. Didn't expect too. Glad I participated though. Still a bit unsure of how I feel about sharing though. It's something totally new for me. Other than here on my own blog with it's approximate 1 or 2 readers all my stuff stays somewhat private. Kinda bummed...I won't lie. It would have been awesome to feel "forced" to scrap. But the talent is amazing. Good luck girls...And hugs to those who will be watching from the sidelines.

Oh BTW to answer the email I got from Tracy:
The pen I used on my layout isn't a gel pen. It's actually a correction pen. The writing looks knubby and bumpy and has texture which is sort of what I was hoping to accomplish to go with the subject of the Xanthelasma. I didn't use a one of a kind photo. I printed on cardstock to save the original in case of damage through the years.

The correction pen is made by Sailor. Writes just like a pen and you can adjust the flow. It's a good thing.

Making ice cream cone cupcakes for the kids so I should go check them before they are briquettes...

Toodles :)


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