Friday, June 30, 2006


So tired tonight...
So not feeling good...

I got in the doctor's office at 1:00. I was grateful she squeezed me in since she is leaving on vacation tomorrow morning until July 6th.

I was running a fever which kind of surprised me. I didn't notice. So I got a ever-so-fun whizzer test and low and behold I got a killer UTI/Kidney infection. Which also surprised me since I have zippo symptoms except for this excruiating pain in my back and sides. She said my white blood cell count was radically high. I thought that was funny. She did not. LOL! Radically, *giggling*

She pushed around my kidneys and I wanted to smack her down...Grrr!

She gave me some antibiotics and pain killers.
Case closed.

I didn't go to the hospital.
I couldn't.

Mentally- mush.
Physically - mush.

Plus I didn't want to take a chance of passing along a fever to my mom.
I have had horrendous guilt all day about it. So I sent her an email at the hospital.

You can send emails to any patient at St. Mary's and they print it out and deliver it. Pretty cool, huh.

I had planned on telling you about Dr. Field but to be honest. I got a killer headache and I just wanna snuggle me some Dennis tonight.

Maybe tomorrow.



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