Sunday, April 30, 2006

Toothless in St. Charleytown

I know I posted about having a toothache. Well I never got in Monday. So I suffered through the entire day and night until my appointment on Tuesday at 1:30. I had to go by myself because Dennis had to work, my Mom of course isn't well enough to go, and my sister was babysitting Cameron for me because there was NO WAY I was taking him with me alone to the dentist. So needless to say I was a basket case and I so desperately wanted Dennis or anyone there...*sighs*

Well anyway, got there Dr. Pain ( How I refer to my dentist now...) took me right in and started shooting me up with Novocain which didn't bother me too bad. But after r 5 minutes or so I wasn't feeling numb through my jaw. Bad sign! So he injected me 6 more times and these were all more in my jaw hinge area, if that makes sense. He just kept saying this is going to hurt a bit, this is going to hurt a bit...Uh, yeah. A bit my ass. But I kept saying to myself that this is going to be so much better tomorrow and I can take this. So he decided to let me sit awhile to let the Novocain take effect and I sat there reassuring myself. Just remember tomorrow, better days, better days....blah, blah, blah.

So about 5 or so minutes later he came back and my lower lip was numb to my front teeth and he went to poking around. I think trying to loosen the skin around my tooth. Of course this one of my lower molars. I was kind of surprised he didn't do an x-ray since I had been having super pain and like a knot under my jaw below my chin but of course my thought reverted back to him being a professional.

That was at 1:47, I know I continually watched the clock on the wall in front of me. At 2:00 I was seriously about ready to ask him to stop. 13 minutes and still that tooth in my skull. Then he must have decided he wasn't getting anywhere so he used those giant pliers or clamps and locked around my tooth. I was almost thankful because I was sure this meant his was yanking that thing out. After a few minutes of pulling he said, "Ok, Tammy... I am going to turn these a bit and you might hear some funny noises and you are going to feel pressure. Wee...He cranked those things toward my right cheek and I heard nothing but felt like someone was trying to pop my jaw off. It hurt so incredibly bad... After about a minute he released them and said, "Ok now the other way...Same pressure..." Pressure my ass... PAIN! He did this torture procedure 3 more times before he said ok, and suctioned out my mouth. Then that plaque picker type thing and more pushing on my gums and then the pliers thing and he stood up and placed his one hand against my jaw and all I felt was hot, searing pain and I felt my tooth come out.

Gosh, I was so glad. Not so much that my tooth was out but that is was over. ..

He quickly said, "Hold on a second, Tammy..." And I felt him stick that suction thing where my tooth has been for about 20 seconds or so. Then he put some gauze in my mouth and said, "Let me clean you up.." and he washed my face. And when I seen the gauze he pulled away from my face it was covered with blood. I was mortified. He told me that there was an abscess under my tooth and he had suctioned out some of the infection once he had pulled it out, which explained the suction thingy. After that things were a blur. He told me what to do and said to take Motrin and I would probably be sore for a day or two.

When I got to my car I took the gauze out and looked in my mouth. The gums that lead toward where my tongue lies was torn about a 1/4" or more down and there were cuts and scratch like marks all around where my tooth was. Even through all that Novocain it was hurting so badly.

I drove to my sister's and laid down for a bit. Tried to drink some water and within an hour my head was throbbing. My throat was sore and I had this horrid taste in my mouth. I went home and took some ibuprofen and tried to relax. The Novocain was wearing off and my jaw was swelling. It was also getting stiff. And HOT! It was hot. I can't seem to forget that...

When Dennis got home he called Doctor Pain and he wouldn't give me a pain prescription, he said the Motrin should be fine. So Dennis called our Doctor and she gave me a script for Vicodin ES. I didn't sleep much for the next couple of days. MY jaw was so stiff on Wednesday I could barely open my mouth but I kept forcing myself. The left side of my face was grossly swollen and bright red. And that is basically how I was for the rest of the week. The swelling has went down some but not all. The redness is gone. Most of the little tears are healed but that bad one still bleeds every time I brush my teeth if the toothbrush touches it. I have shed a river of tears of pain and anger.

I wake up in the night of the pain meds wear off. But it is getting a bit better. I am not in pain all the time. I don't want to rip my jaw off. I can eat more than broth and yogurt. Not much, but some.

So needless to say I haven't spent much time online. I have tried to read your blog and some of my other daily reads everyday but I just haven't had enough "ooomph" to post my own. It's been kind of depressing and pitiful, lol

I miss my own funny, chatty self. Maybe she is on her way back...

So that is the week in review for my lousy life.

Send all condolences and gifts to:
Tammy Hicks
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