Wednesday, May 03, 2006

On the upswing and random things...

Feeling mucho better today!

Can I get an amen sistahs?!?!

Sunday I started running a major fever, 102.7, kinda felt like I was boiling in my own skin. So I decided I had enough of this shit and called my doctor on Monday morning promptly ay 9 a.m. I was in by 10:30 and my doc was really cranked that Dr. Pain (aka the dentist) hadn't put me on an antibiotic when he found the abcess under my tooth. She said she had no doubt that was what was causing me to be so sick. So she put me on Augmentin twice a day and loaded me up with more Vicodin ES for the pain. She also told me to find a new dentist.

I'm getting right on that.

I have been laying around the last few days. Well as much laying around as you can do chasing a 2 year-old around all day. The weather has been cool and rainy, which I LOVE. Dennis hasn't had a day off since last Wednesday and I am so missing having him home more. He doesn't have a day off until this Friday. Then he is off for 4 days. He has a catering job on Sunday though so Saturday will be spent prepping yummilicious tummy treats.

Nothing exciting to brag about or boring to numb you with so I guess I'll spit out some randomness...

-Dennis and I are restoring a 1979 Coachmen RV.
I am damn excited because we are in the home stretch with that schizz right now. We have some painting and staining to do, laying new carpet and pergo and clean up. When the weather is consistently nice we will replace the awning fabric and I will repaint the pin-striping detail. Yep, that's right me! Oh what wonders I can do with enamel and painters tape.

This isn't our first RV/Camper restoration job. Last spring we restored a 1969 pop-up camper. It cost a measly $50 and we put less than $300.00 in to it. Not including time. The canvas was in awesome shape but we revamped the inside made new cushion covers and put in a new ceiling, table and modernized the piping. We took it out for one test run and put her up for sale. A woman from my sister's work fell in love with it but couldn't afford the asking price. Her and her husband had been married only 2 years. She had survived an abusive relationship with her ex-husband and had 3 kids of her own, and he had 2 he was raising. They also had a daughter together. Dennis and I talked about it and decided that we could sell it to someone and get our asking price or we could sell it to Susan and her family and know it was going to people who would love and appreciate it and would get joy from something we restored. So we sold it to her for $100.00 with the promise of pictures from their first trip out and to enjoy their life and family. We have since seen pictures and the faces of those kids made every single bead of sweat we worked worth every dime. One of the best "feel good" moments of my life.

This RV is ours though. We have big plans all summer. My sister Elaine has a pop-up, my sister Connie has a Diesel-pusher (This is a HUGE 40 footer) 2 of my nieces have a fifth-wheel and trans-van respectively. Our good friends also have an RV and we all caravan across the state and camp. Our first trip is 2 weekends from now. I am SO EXCITED!

This is where we are going:

Sleepy Hollow State Park!

Man I am so excited! We are going to take the kids hiking and biking. Fishing and just good ol` relaxing! Coffee in the cool crisp morning air, the smell of the campfire, laughing kids, snuggling in the RV watching a movie with my chitlin`s all snuggled with us. Good times, real good times...

Aight, bored ya after all... 2:a.m. pain pill in FULL effect, heading to the land of nod.



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