Monday, October 01, 2007

Alive & Kicking

*plink plink plink*

Anyone out there?

It occured to me that some people may have thought something bad happened with my surgery and that I really needed to update this old blog because it was rude not too.

I am alive.
I am ok.

My surgery was ok.
Brief summary.
The procedures took just a little over 2 hours.
They removed 2 tumors from my left ovary. Yep, they seen one on ultrasound but there was really two. They were non-cancerous. YAY!
My ovary...poor thing was a little worse for the wear but they left her in there.

They also removed a tumor from the inside of my uterus. It was also benign. YAY!

However, after the D&C Dr. Hines was able to get a much clearer picture of my uterus and founf that all the veins that make of my uterus are in constant dilation. Basically there are "throbbing" all the time. He has seen it before but the bad news is it never goes away and is always extremely painful.

So, because of the tumors and now this he feels like the best thing to do to stop the pain and prevent new tumors (which could be cancerous at anytime) is to do a full hysterectomy.

I am great with most of that news. Another surgery. Not so happy about that. I wish it was done and over with.

My recovery was horrid. The first 2 days I felt good. The third day I only left my bed for the bathroom. I don't even remember much about that first entire week. Except I had a god awful sore throat from the breathing tube and then I got pneumonia.

Apparently this is pretty common after major surgery and breathing tubes. But it has taken me weeks to feel better. And I do feel better. Just not great. I want to feel great. But it isn't happening.

So now I decide when I want to be cut open again and I live on major narcotics until then.

But I don't have cancer.
And that is really all I care about.

During the wqeeks following my surgery life was crazy.
Ash started 10th grade.
She got her class ring.
I potty trained Cameron.
My niece, and best friend, and only person I trust to babysit, Jessica, moved 2 hours away to finish school to become an RN. I miss her so badly. I really feel friendless.

Dennis is working tons of hours.

And I haven't scrapped a single bit.

But I have read a bunch of books (James Patterson is the BEST!) and am seriously hooked on this web site.
King Games.

Ugh! Even Dennis is hooked! If you are a member there add me to your friends, my screen name is MrsDomesticBliss. I am there every night playing Word Battle...

Be on the look out for some love from me to you. I sent you a package.
You kept me sane and positive with all your beautiful cards. And your mini of LONDON! The BEST GIFT EVER! I have looked at it a million times. I cherish it with ALL MY HEART! I really feel like I am there when I look at it. It makes me happy. And that my dearest friend is the bestest gift you could give anyone. EVER!

Big Homecoming Dance for the girl this weekend. Crazy busy getting her a dress, shoes, jewelry, appointments for nails and hair. Sheeesh. I share pictures soon of life in the post surgery lane.

Hope everyone is well out there.
Please say hi...I reformatted our computer and lost all my links so let me know your blog addresses. PLEASE!



Capo Max Payne said...

That's good to here. My mother had her entire left breast removed. My father cancelled life insurance... Because, the Doctor said it the cancer was all gone. Months later she got in the stomach. It was too late. Me and 3 brothers and 1 sister lost are mother. And my dad had no life insurance on mom. I was 12 and my other bothers ages was 10a and the twins were like 3or 2 at the time. My sister was like 14. Good luck AND GET BETTER.

grungedandy said...

Yay your back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I’ve got you on my goggle page, so I scroll past you every day (it displays the title of your last 3 posts) I almost missed the new post, because I got so used to skipping past!! LoL
Glade you liked the little book, it was quite quick to make & I wanted to post it ASAP. Hope you can read my hand witting, I’ve discovered that I have carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand so that I keep losing all the feeling in it so my hand writing has become sooo bad I almost can’t read it! So along with the dyslexia it might seem like an alien language, Hehe!
I am soooo glade the tumour were all benign, I can now call off the “Prayerminators” the collective term I was using for all the different religions who were praying for you & your family. At last count I had a convent of retired Catholic nuns, a Church of England prayer group, 2 Muslims, 1 Hindu family, 1 Sikh family, a Buddhist monk, a Jedi ( I know but I didn’t have the heart to say no, & I figured anything would help) & me!
I will now let them all know that you’re on the mend.
Did you get the latest birdie card? The article will be out real soon, will let you know when, apparently they sold out of the stamp sets on the first day of the show, after I dropped my card off! Gonna try & think up some more ideas.

Seeya Hugya


cindy said...

I am so glad you're back and your tumors were benign! How wonderful! I often thought of you and sent good wishes your way! Good luck with your next surgery and the road to much better health ahead!!
I anxiously await your new work. I love the inspiration!
Take care,

suebaru said...

Hi Tammy!
Sorry I haven't stopped by in a while...not been surfing as much as I used too! So glad to hear you are starting to feel better.Thinking of you! Sue xx

grungedandy said...

hey you still kicking? he he seeya hugya *G*

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