Wednesday, June 13, 2007

D I S O R D E R is N O T good!

*Edited - Photographic proof of our disaster*

Thanks Debbie, Lisa and Queenbusnick for the recipes! You're sweethearts!
*long sigh*

Reevaluating lately.
I do this a lot.
I eliminate what isn't working for me and my little family.
Or add something that might make it better.

All I feel is chaos.

So much going on.
Not bad stuff.
OK, some not so good stuff.
My Mom has been super confused and yesterday there was a big battle. But that's actually less on my mind.

Anniversary was great.
We went out for a fabulous Chinese dinner. Dennis bought me the Foofala paper stack from Michaels, a bunch of Basic Grey Mini Books, paper, and embellies, a cool alphabet collection from Colorbok, and the LetraTag by Dymo which is so cool! He also got us (mutual gift) a new patio umbrella. It's gorgeous and deep navy and redwood. I love it.

Plus he is doing something I have wanted done for SO long. Staining our decks. This is quite a job. Our back deck is multi-leveled and about 30 feet long. The poor guy is working from 7 am to 7 pm and comes home and stains for a few hours. And let me tell you about a mess our backyard is! Ugh!

I don't do well with disorder. I just want it done. Seems like every single weekend we are busy working on something. There is no relaxing. Maybe I'll take some pictures later...And share our backyard disaster, lol

Does anyone eat yellow squash? I love it but have only had it fried and I planted some in my garden. Recipes would be greatly appreciated!


grungedandy said...

Glade your back - & sounds like your a Monica too (friends) I always wanted to be Pheobee but I'm way too fussy about things being in order!! LOL

take care

snail mail on it's way to feed the old letter box.


queenbusick said...

yellow squash fave is just sauted with onions in butter with your fave seasonings (we like season all & pepper)


lisa said...

I love squash. I have a delicious mix of herbs my aunt gave me that is basically garlic, salt, pepper, and rosemary. I just slice and sautee the squash in a little pam (regular or olive oil) and sprinkle with this seasoning. This can also be roasted in the toaster oven, but I don't always have the patience for that. Yum!

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