Monday, March 26, 2007

Home Bittersweet Home

So good to be home....

And I can NOT wait to sleep in my amazingly.delicious.uber.comfortable.supa.california.king bed!

Sorry I didn't write a post before we left but I decided around noon on Thursday to just grab some stuff and head to my Mom's.

It wasn't a bad weekend. And for that I am so grateful.
It wasn't an easy weekend either.

My Mom has been super confused since her angiogram and it was hard to deal with that again. The worst being Friday night when she woke us up starting at 12:30 a.m. looking for my Dad. And even though when we would ask her, "Mom, where is Dad?" she would reply, "I know he is in Heaven but God makes miracles happen every day and maybe he is going to send Dad back and I need to find him." Sometimes the logic escapes me to explain away these delusions. And the confusion about my Dad hurts me the most.

But other than I completely exhausted, I am OK. It was OK. And OK is good.

We stayed until this afternoon. I made dinner for my sister and her husband, my Mom, the kids and I before she went back to my sister's house. And then I came home. Somewhat glad and somewhat sad.

No matter how trying it is...Sometimes it's just sad to leave her. Sad to see her so unhappy not being able to stay at her house.

Great weather here in Michigan :)
Somewhere around the high 60's today. Which officially makes it shorts weather for me! LOL

Anything over 50 and I am HOT! I guess that is part due to me chasing a 3 year old around and because of the size of my arse! Us fat girls get hot so much faster than you lovely skinny girls...That I am envious of.

I am pretty OK in my "big" skin. It has taken a long time to get here.
I figure it this way:
This is me. It's a lot of me. But it's ALL me. And either you like me or you don't. If you judge me by the size of my pants you are missing out. Because the size of my heart and the quality of my friendship is SO MUCH bigger. And if that's who you are, and how you choose your friends...It's your loss.

Off my box now...

So let's see...
*I got my haircut! Layers and shorter. And I changed colors. LOVE this new color. It's brown and henna. Sort of red/plum-ish. It's cute! No more blond, no more flat limp thin eww! Super versatile. I can let it air dry and be springy curls or I can blow-dry and have funky wispy layers. Depends on my mood.

* I made a super cool find at my Mom's. License plates from the year I was born and the year I turned 1. Plus a couple other vintage years! Awesome stuff! I am going to use the ones from 1970 and 1971 to make a scrapbook about me.. The others are going up on our dining room wall.

* I sorted and organized all the pictures since Cameron was born! I pulled all the doubles and filed them in my cropper hopper photo storage case by subject. The other set I put in a acid-free photo album. I put each subject in a sleeve and marked the date/subject/location on the memo sheet. This way I can just flip through the album grab a set of pictures and scrap.

* I got a super cute girls sayings rubber stamp by Colorbok at Walmart for $1.00 and a super cute pair of chocolate "urban-stressed" (Walmarts term, which basically means frayed and worn)flip flops! Love em!

* Read the current issue of CK and I was less than impressed. Is it just me or is this magazine getting booooooring? I love Ali's Studio A section but the

* I have 2 - THAT"S RIGHT 2 - more pages to do to finish my wedding album! Holla! So glad to be done with that... It's like a crick in my neck that won't go away...LOL

* Haven't done Em's challenge yet but hopefully tomorrow. Already know what I want to do- Bonus!

* Going to work on a new section for my blog entitled art goals...To make myself accountable for being more creatively active.

* Signed up for Shimelle's new class! If you haven't taken a class with Shimelle, you SHOULD! I am excited to start this one.

* My uber-talented, super gorgeous, amazing friend Karla is thinking about teaching some online classes, too! So hoping she does! Go check her out! Incredible stuff!

OK, off to my bed. My super cute hubby and Dresden on Sci-Fi. Love me some Sci-Fi.

Oh and by the way...
I swear if Sanjaya is not kicked off American Idol this week I am NOT watching anymore...What the hell is wrong with you America? Please someone EXPLAIN this to me?!?!?!?!?!



suebaru said...

Sounds like you got loads done ! And you need to share a 'new hair' pic - sounds fab!

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