Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random Yuckles

So the funk has set upon me.

I was going to post something wise and/or hilariously funny yesterday but feared that my funk would shine through and I didn't want to pass along my yuk's to anyone else. No, I'm not sick. Just in a funk.

Funk: (My definition) A state of being unsure, uneasy, unsettled. Not happy, not sad. Nothing to look forward too, no goal to strive for. The blahs, the ick's. The everyone else has such a great life why does mine feel so shitty, mind frame.

Cam didn't sleep well last night. No throwning up but he has a stuffy nose and for a boy who sleeps with his mouth closed this is bad news.

The weather has been nice here. Nice of course means anything about 30 degrees and yesterday I think we hit a sweltering 38 degrees. I think the sun melted a good 3 inches of snow. But the news forecasted a "major storm" quote/unquote heading our way for the weekend. Joy! Not!

It's my weekend to take care of my Mom.

There was a long silence there, you just couldn't appreciate it. Dennis has to work so it will be the kids, my Mom, and I. It's going to be a challenge. But what can you do, huh... Of course that means no internet for the weekend. That is almost an adbomination, LOL! Actually my Mom has wirless internet at her house. She just has no computer...Sick irony. Dennis wants to take all our crap over there tomorrow so we don't have to do it Friday before he goes to work. It;s good planning. I just can't feel motivated. I know the weekend will be spent hearing how I should move in with her and then I can have the house and all her land. Then she can live at home all the time. Then she will be happy. Then she will get better. Then...then...then...

Sometimes I wish I had outside obligations. Something to focus my attention on. Don't get me wrong I love being a SAHM. I love being with my kids (unless they are acting insane) but it would be really cool to work from home. To have a purpose. To make a mark.

Maybe this is where my funk is coming from...

Well my coffee needs a refill and I want to finish my card for Em's challenge before I leave this weekend so I guess I better get busy.

On another note- The guys last night on idol. Were NOT impressive. Hope the girls do better.



Anonymous said...

We all have days like this Tammy, and after all you have a difficult weekend coming up so it's no wonder you feel a bit blue. I too wish I could work from home and make some sort of contribution. It would do me good. I'm no good without pressure to work. Leave me to my own devices and I take forever. Hugs to you girl, and hope tomorrow is a brighter day.

LDB said...

Girl! I feel you on the funks and not wanting to pass them on. Seriously, it was one reason I shut down my blog a few months ago, but the call to get and be creative would not go away, and now, I am back on it. Thank you for always being a good spirit.

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