Friday, January 05, 2007

One Little Word: Relax

Survived EZ Mount hell. Sore fingers as war wounds but loving the easy access to my stampage now.

Forgot to mention I did find my digital camera. It had fallen behind the microwave. All is good except the zoom button is MIA. That stinks but what can you do.

Totally loving Ali's post today.
It really got me thinking. And after a hot shower I knew what word I had to use...

I rarely relax.
I am always on a mission for perfection.
The house must be clean.
Laundry at least in progress.
Dinner decided upon and in progress.
Mopped floors.
Clean dogs.
Happy kids.
Happy husband.

And that is all good except for one minor problem.
I never stop.
There is always something to do.
I never just relax.
Even at night I am planning for the next day, week, and month.
Trying to predict problems and obstacles to make everything go more cohesively.
But it never does.

I'm not perfect so that desperate search for bliss always leads to failure.
And that leads to more stress.
More apprehension.
More to-do lists.

When is it going to be enough?
Isn't it alright for things to be just OK?
Not perfect but just OK...


My goal is to RELAX.
Be OK in the moment.
Toys on the floor will NOT take precedence over playing with the kids.
Dinner can wait while I read a book to Cameron.
Laundry will be there tomorrow while I take some "me" time to scrapbook.
Dennis will love me no less if I don't mop the floors every single day.

It's OK.
It is.
It is, right?


Live in the moment.
Be still.

I won't let life pass me by while I make a vain attempt to make things perfect for everyone else.
I am tired of being on the sidelines cheering everyone on.
I'm tired of missing the "moments".

I do not want to look back upon my life one day and say...
I wish I had...

It will be a struggle.
It is not in my nature...

But I will try EVERY DAY.


I can do this.


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