Tuesday, January 02, 2007

2006 A Year in review: Scrapbooking

Happy New Year!

Wow! This year has been one of up's and down's. Major life altering events and tests of strength and faith. And the quality moments. The fragments of time you wrap up and tuck away inside your soul to savor for the rest of your lifetime.

I suppose that is what makes life such an undeniably awesome experience. The ebb and flow. And I wonder to myself...Will it be better this year? What tragedies and joys will I see? It's both frightening and exilherating.

My blog has taken on a new look.
Fresh and clean.
It's a good thing for the new year.
I added a slide show to the right. It is showing some of my favorite photos from 2006. A year in review. It was fun and sad looking back through all the photos and feeling the sparks of memories, both good and bad, fill my mind. I am going to make a mini album of them. Something I have never done before but was inspired by an article is CK magazine by Ali Edwards.

Does she not rock the whole scrapbook perspective or what? I love her! For as long as I have been a scrapbook artist I have seen so many changes. I was here before magazines hit the newstands. I seen CK hit the market and Lisa Bearnson become the face of scrapbooking. I watched as 12 x 12 paper overtook 8.5 x 11 paper and Creative Memories become passe. I still remember vividly working in the scrapbook store when eyelets hit the market and all the people who called and came to the store in desperate search for the much coveted "it" item of the time. Wow, have the times changed.

Although Lisa Bearnson is still CK to so many people the new faces are taking the world of scrapbooking to a whole new playing field. The cutting edge girls who broke all the rules and created scrapbooks out of whatever they LOVED simply because they loved it and said screw the rules. Elsie Flannigan and the girls of Autumn Leaves with the wickedly amazing Freestyle Book and the tons and tons of truly amazing women who have shown the world that scrapping isn't just AF/LF, cardstock and stickers. And the challenge blogs..Woot! Have they not given inspiration to the masses?!?! The Dares, How Much is Too Much?, Freestyle, and the Color Blog are just a small sample of the creative inspiration you could try on the net. Companies popping up all over the place offering some of the most beautiful and fun products that appeal to all areas, experiences, and tastes. Digital scrapbooking claiming its foundation in the scrapbook market and proving it is not a passing "trend". The world of the scrap blog bursting to capacity and sadly seeing some of the faces we all love so dearly stepping away to let other priorities in their lives take center stage. Does anyone else miss Cathy Z as much as I do?!?! She made me laugh, think, and see beyond my own little world. The online scrapbook class medium breaking into the market with chances for people like me who can't afford such awesome experiences as attending a CKU event to take classes with the teachers who we see in scrapbooking. Sites like Big Picture Scrapbooking, CKU Home Study, and Shimelle.com that give other people just like me a chance to feel the mega talent offered out there.

Scrapbooking is changing. Growing and becoming more diversified. There is a place for everyone and of every talent. It can be whatever you want it to be. And for almost 17 years now it has been a part of my life. One I am thankful for everyday. One that challenges me. Makes me think. And let's me relive someof the most joyous times of my life. And some of the most sad.

So much more to say about 2006 but I think I will step away here and post tomorrow about my family. That truly needs its own post.

Until then.

Go make something.


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