Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You have got to be kidding me...

108 degree heat index!

Hot and Sick.

Got the house cleaned laundry started and then made a nice hot pot of chili and chicken salad appetizer. LOL! Thank goodness for central air or my family would have been eating McDonald's.

After the cooking Cameron and I headed out to play in the pool. Within 5 minutes or so he had gotten stung by 2 honey bees on the neck. Poor little guy. He cried and cried. So we came in for awhile and he relaxed on the couch with some chocolate milk and the Wiggles. By then he was raring to go back out to the pool.

He is such a little fish! 2 year old and swims underwater. Yeah, that's right under water! Scares the hell outta me to watch him jump off the pool ladder and go under but...Sometimes you gotta let go and let them find their way. Even if it takes a few years off your life span.

I didn't sleep well last night. Tossed and turned. Could not get comfortable. Might have been the sun and excessive amounts I got yesterday or the two dogs that decided our bed was their throne.

Cam was up for a bottle at 5 a.m. and I have been up since then too. Ugh! I will so be regretting this by noon.

I've decided to talk to Dennis about building another desk in our bedroom. We already have one that I scrap at and that has my computer on but anytime Ash or Dennis wants to play a game I have to give it up and I really get irked sometimes. Besides Dennis really needs a desk of his own with the phone and a file cabinet and then we can move the computer over there for them to play and Dennis to do his online banking/bill paying. Which would also solve another big issue for me...Getting rid of one of the 2, that's right 2, TV's we have in our bedroom. Ridiculous! I guess I'll draw out what I would like and see if he is a go for the idea. I am hoping the fact that this will be "his" desk will push him to do it. We'll see. He doesn't have any time off from work until the 26th of August and that's the weekend we are having Cameron's 3rd birthday party. *sighs*

Ya know...
I could build it myself.
Oh man!
Once I get on a tangent I have a hard time stopping myself.
I think I'll run out to the garage before the kids get up to check out the wood situation...


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