Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I was reading Betsey Lou's blog tonight and made my way half way down the page only to realize I had read right into being tagged.

I'm a sucker. But I won't dishonor the blogger so here goes:

What albums do you prefer? Post Bound for sure...As for company- no prefernce just whatever suits the album I am making.

Most favorite embelishment? Rub-Ons and anything funky and off the wall. Really like office supply type stuff right now.

If you had to choose prints or solids which would it be? Solids as a staple and prints as accents. I so desperately need Ali Edwards new book.

Do you get SB mag subscriptions? No

If so which ones? If I buy them they are on a month to month basis. I think
Scrapbook Answers rocks and I will always have a love for the oldy but goody, CK.

What is the average time you spend scrapping per week? 4-6 Hours. Depends on the week and summer is the worst for me with the kids.

Do you prefer Micheals or Joanns? Joann's but I don't go there much it's about 30-40 minutes away.

Do you consider yourself a scrap-a-hollic? Definitely not as bad as some and worse than others. :) LOL

Do you contemplate over paying a bill or buying scrapbook supplies? Ah, no. I pay the bills first. Can't buy much scrappy supplies if your house is foreclosed on. LOLOLOL!

Do you contain yourself in a scrabook store or are you out of hand? I spend what I can. Which isn't always a lot so I choose strictly what I love.

Do you get more pages completed solo or with friends? By myself for sure. I like to talk so with friends is fun and relaxing but not nearly as productive.

Best snack while scrapping? Reese's Pieces and Canada's!

Do you like to listen to music while scrapping? Sometimes, but usually I put in a DVD on the TV and listen toone of my fave movies in the background.

Do you have total losers outside of your immediate family who don't know what a "scrap" or "crop" is? Yeah, but I always enlighten them.

Are your family members aware of your addiction? Yes and 100% supportive!

Do you shop more than you crop? Yes

Eyelets or brads? Brads but I use both.

Which eyelet maker do you enjoy? Any eyelet maker is good with me as long as it is what I want but I LOVE my Provo Craft Zision Silent Setter. It made me LOVE using eyelets!

Quickcuts or Sizzix? Sizzix and the Side Kick

Have you considered buying a cricut? Yeah, then I saw the price!

What type of adhesive do you use? Darice Tape Runners, Harmie Tab Dispenser and Hermie Dot Dispenser, and Tombo for bigger projects.

Have you ever hosted a crop? Yes

What is the benefit of scrapbooking? Creative outlet, leaving something of myself for my kids, quiet Mommy time!!

Do you find yourself doing more projects for yourself or other people? A mix of both.

Do you find yourself grabbing your camera before you grab your car keys? Yeah, I take my camera everywhere.

What was your addiction before scrapping? I don't remember! That's how long I have been scrapping.

How long have you been scrapping? Well over 10 years.

WHat is your favorite technique? I don't know...I love all the awesome techniques and like to try them all but I am getting into playing with transparencies right now and making my own doodled ones.

What size albums do you find yourself doing more? 8 x 8, no question!

What is your most rewarding experience from scrapbooking? Making gift albums for people and seeing their faces light up and working at the scrap store years ago and helping the Girl Scouts on Saturdays and seeing the up and coming faces of scrapbooking.


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