Monday, August 21, 2006

951 and counting...

Been a harried few days as usual around the homestead.

Found this majorly awesome site on the net today to download FREE indie music. Not just singles but full albums. So cool!
Free Indie

Check it out.

Edging closer to 1000 unique visitors to my blog. Passed 1000 visitors sometimes ago but not unique visitors. It feels kinda cool to know almost 1000 different people from all over the world have stopped by my blog.

And a Mom update:

My Mom had surgery yesterday afternoon to insert a pacemaker to regulate her heart beat. Her heart had been beating less than 40 beats per minute. Now it is around 60. She is ok. A bit sore and tired. She can't lift her arm over her head for 6 weeks. She may come home today but it is looking more like tomorrow. They hope this will improve her dizziness, confusion, and nausea allowing her to eat and regain strength. We'll see.


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