Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Reminiscing Mom

This is my Mom...

Wasn't she a hottie back in the day! And to think that bathing suit was risque.

Too funny.

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I can totally see why my Dad fell in love with her at first sight.
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She only went to school until the 5th grade. Then she had to stay home to help care for her brothers and sisters. She told me she hated that. BUt knew that she must do what her parents told her. After she married my Dad and moved to Michigan she took the Certified Nursing Assistants exams and became a CNA. A job she loved and held for 29 years. She was a great nurse and adored by her patients.

During the time she worked my Dad had retired from General Motors and I spent most of my days with him at home. He helped me with homework, hauled my friends and I around and cooked our dinner. I still vividly remember the nights we would drive to the nursing home to pick up my Mom. 11:00 at night and I would be snuggled down in the back seat and most nights we would get McDonalds. My Dad always kissed my Mom when she got in the car.

They had a true love that never faltered even to the second my Dad died in the hospital. I had went downstairs to smoke a cigarette and on my way up the elevators I could hear my Mom screaming for my Dad... No, No, No..

I will never forget that. Sometimes I can still hear her when I think about that day.

I thought she would die without my Dad but she fought hard to relearn to live. They were raised where the man drove, the man paid the bills, and basically did everything. We had to teach her how to write her own checks, take care of utility deliveries, order prescriptions, all the basic things we take for granted.
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But she did. I am proud of her. She could have given up and died from a broken heart.

She is the reason why I love crafting, the outdoors, getting my hands dirty, and cooking. She makes the world's best country grub around. Biscuits and gravy, fried chicken, spinach salad with bacon, cornbread, bean soup, and taco's. You have never had a taco until you have it my Mom's way.

She raised 6 children and seen a few of them through divorces and watched the birth of 15 grandchildren and now 3 great grandchildren with another on the way. She is a wonderful Mom and I am forever grateful for all the things she has taught me.
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I am who I am today because of her and I am a better person for having her as my Mom.


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