Thursday, May 11, 2006

Idol gone WRONG!


Bad, bad, karma.

Quick recap...

Tuesday night I was out working in the RV finishing installing some new blinds. I had Cam with me so I opted to let him watch Happy Healthy Monsters instead of feeding my need to watch American Idol.

I didn't see anyone sing. It was the first show I missed the entire season.

Bad, bad, karma...

Wednesday night we lost power due to a rain storm gone wild with booming thunder and lightning. I missed the kick-off show. I was hoping to watch to see the recap from Tuesday but it didn't happen.

Flash forward to 10 minutes ago...

Open up Explorer to check out the world news...

And what is the first thing I see...

Chris is booted from Idol!

Is America sick or what!?!?!
Oh, how I wanted to puke!

K, I know not everyone digs rock-and-roll but for crying out loud. I like Taylor, I do. But American Idol - NOT! He is entertaining and fun, not pop radio. Elliot is way cool. Something about his voice I dig, but winner of American Idol, nah. Katherine, HATE HER! Sure she can sing but I am so tired of listening to her ballads and what the hell is up with the weirdo way she acts on stage. And enough crying already... GAG!

Chris could sing. Sing his soul out. A natural. And he lived for it. He made me love American Idol.

So I am a child of the 80's. I grew up in the era of big hair when men wore as much make-up as women and the male lead singers from bands wore spandex tighter than should be allowed by any governing law. I love glam rock, and old school rock.

My heart belonged to Chris.

Plus he was the really awesome guy who married a woman who wasn't model thin and was raising her kids as his own. She was older and he stepped up to the plate. Not to mention the guy is hotness capitalized and great eye candy for happily married women like me...LOL He didn't falter, stood true to himself and was everything an American Idol should have been ...

So you suck America. Just suck.

Chris, people like my husband and I will be lining up to buy your CD the minute it hits the stores, trust me. You'll be more famous than any of the others left standing.

You are our American Idol.

Be proud...


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