Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Blog - Change your Bookmarks

The new blog is done! Woot! So thankful.

For a whole lot of reasons I decided to stop using my other blog, "My Artful Soul". The main one being that I have found myself in a different place then I was when I created that blog. Art is a part of my life, but life is also a part of me as well. There were so many times I felt guilty that I wasn't posting more scrapbook related stuff, art journal entries, and etc.

The simple fact is my life is really a sum total of all kinds of creative adventures. From scrapbooks, to cooking, to colds and dirty laundry. And my new blog will encompass all that is me and who I really am.

So change your bookmarks and join me at my new blog (and no, it's not at typepad, lol!)

Desperately Searching for Creative Domesticity


grungedandy said...

aha all change - change is good & maybe this one will work on my feeder i have to remmber to come back and visist which i do try & do but i'm a lazy bear so not always quick off the mark so off i go to type on the new blog hehe seeya hugya *G*

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