Monday, March 17, 2008

Random Tam-Bits Monday 3/17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

May your day be filled with the luck of the green whether it be green eggs and ham, corned beef and cabbage, or a nice stout green beer with some friends.

Just be responsible out there, eh!


No bigs plans for Patty's Day around here. Dennis has to work, Ash is on Spring Break and has her BFF over. Cam is wreaking havoc aka playing.

Monday is laundry day however. (*&^%^&$^) Yeah, that's me cursing. I HATE doing the laundry! So I have delegated it to Mondays and Thursdays. I really want to cuss again here but I will move on quickly and try to imagine it's not waiting for me in piles in the laundry room.

Life has been good around the homestead. Dennis still has a job, LOL! (Thank God!)Ash passed driver's training and has her permit. She raised her collective GPA and we got an invite to the academic award luncheon at school on April 3rd. Cameron is growing like a weed, eating like a rabbit and can make a mess faster than the Tazmanian Devil. He is totally in love with Guitar Hero III and knows all the words to Slow Ride, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, and Welcome to the Jungle. Yeah, he is a budding rock and roll star at 4, it's insane but makes his daddy ever so proud. LOL! You should see them together.

Me... I have been crocheting like Ca-Ray-Zay! I got "hooked", literally. Here are a couple photos of finished projects.You can check out more picture at my Flickr site.

Already have a couple more projects in the works. I'm really loving this right now.

I have managed to make a couple mini albums too. No pictures yet but will "try" to do that today. I have been kind of missing paper and glue... Maybe I'll try and get some layouts done this week.

Spaghetti with turkey meatballs on the menu tonight.
WW Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.

I can't believe Easter is in a week. We still have snow for crying out loud! UGH! I want to see green!

Ok, I'm outta here. Laundry day, ya know...
But I am leaving you with my new Monday schedule- Random Information from my UBERLY exciting life...LOLOLOL!

1. I like salt on vanilla ice cream. It's amazing! Brings out the flavor of the vanilla, I swear.

2. I take prescription allergy medicine everyday! I am allergic to dander, dust, and certain pollens. But I won't give up my dogs, or move out of the country. Not to mention dusting, another of my least favorite chores. Hence the medicine and my doctor who laughs at my unwillingness to give up the above mentioned allergens.

3. I want a tattoo of a bumblebee flying out of my cleavage. LOL! True! I always have... My husband thinks it will make men look at my hooties so he is trying to enforce his man/hubby law on me. I told him the more he says "no" the more it makes me want to "go"! LOL!

4. I have such vivid dreams sometimes I wake myself up crying, laughing, and bitching. LOL!

5. I LOVE to read! I can read an entire novel in one day. When I read I actually see myself standing in the corner of every story watching it as it unfolds. But as I child I struggled to read. Lesson= NEVER GIVE UP!

Ok, to the Tide and Bounce arena I go...Have a great St. Patricks's Day y'all!


grungedandy said...

Well your just full of surprises salt on vanilla? I like salty crisps (potato chips to you) with KitKat (chocolate cookies) and I share a pollen allergy which starts quiet early & gives me asthma, love to read & I’m dyslexic so I didn’t learn to read at all until I was 9 and it’s only now that I’m really reading properly can’t do a whole book in a day (unless it’s a little one) so that’s 3 out o 5 we share not bad!
Don’t mind laundry, so much but I hate ironing so very much! LOL
Love the crocheting can’t do that and I can’t knit either my great gran used to do it all the time along with lace making & did try to teach me but I’m a dunce hehe ok better get going Seeya hugya *G*

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