Monday, January 07, 2008


Cameron has been sick for 2 weeks. We took him to the doctor on Friday and he has a sinus infection. The child does not take meds. Ever since he contracted Rotavirus when he was 2 he will not take meds without gagging anf throwing up. I could just strangle those doctor's that prescribed meds instead of really test him to see what was wrong when he had Rotavirus...It almost killed him.

Anyway, it's a once a day thing, mass microbiotic. We bribr him so he will suffer through the gagging and try to keep it down. Please don't send me any emails if you are anti bribery, because frankly, I don't care. I do what I have to do. Don't judge me. I gurantee I wouldn't judge you. I was saying.

Now I got this flaming constant heart burn feeling crap going on in my chest. I know it's bronchitis. Damn it!I was so proud of not getting sick this winter and now I am am all achy and hot then cold, cold then hot...Stupid. Makes me irritated.

Ash starts drivers training tommorow. HELLO! Where did my baby go?!?!?!
Makes me very nervous. The roads are crap, it is WINTER, ya know. Ugh! Not to mention the cost...$294.00 for the first session! FIRST! What in the hell! When I went to school it was free. FREE! Now it's half my house payment for crying out loud. Thanks to my sister & Mom for slipping the bill. Don't know what I would do without them sometimes.

Christmas was ok this year. My heart was not in it.

More later...The boy just woke up and needs some juice.


grungedandy said...

hey sorry for poor Camron do you need stuff to bribe him with I can send some of those star things I sent before? I'm all for bribing when you need to it's people who use it all the time that shoot them selves in the foot!
Sorry your not feeling so well yourself I still can't talk above a whisper 15weeks now!
glade your back though seeya hugya *G*

suebaru said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog hun :) I used a Heidi Swapp mask to do the butterflies and the swirls were done using Rhonna Farrer flourish stamps.
And hey, who hasn't used bribery when it comes to a kid taking medicine?!You do what you have to at times like that!

Amy said...

hi dear! love your blog.. very scrappylove. hope your baby feels better soon...
answering your question on your profile, i can't see how cussing like a trucker relates to god. :)

Katy said...

Emily has always been that way. I shit you not, it takes about 20 minutes to get her meds down when she is sick. We takea little and then drink some juice or water and then at the end she gets a lolli pop. I am all for some bribery when a kids has a sensitive gag reflex. It used to make me sooo mad I thought I might kill her and then I remembered I had the same problem and used to get a pretty good ass whooping if I threw up, which of course I had no control over. So that being said, bribe that baby. Bribe him all day long.

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