Monday, January 28, 2008

Be safe.

Sending lots of prayers to my brother David who is having carotid artery catheterization this morning. His carotid artery is 95% blocked. Wishing him safety and peace for his surgery and recovery, as well to his wife Tina and my nephew Josh.

Wish we could be with you all in Kingsport, VA today. Our hearts and thoughts are...


grungedandy said...

Positive vibes are a coming they’re & your way! Will set the prayminators on them if you want they seem to thrive on praying for people – I sent them a thank you card on your behalf by the way! Just remember what dose not stop us makes us stronger so by now you must be superwoman! LOL all joking aside my heart is with you in spirit if not in person. Seeya hugya *G*

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