Monday, January 21, 2008

Art IS Everywhere!

Have you been to this blog?

This is Me: Journal

I found this blog just before the New Year and I am all over it! I printed every challenge back to the very beginning and I plan on doing them all. Another little creative jaunt for 2008.

Not feeling so good today. Been battling something for 2 weeks, had blood work last week and the doctor called me Friday. My white blood cell count that normally runs about 3.4 to 5 is 12.9. She said, "Somethings wrong Tammy, I need to see you again next week." Hmm, ok.

Tomorrow is the day. Joy. I have but one thought on the subject. Find it and fix it. I sure do not plan on worrying about it. I said my piece and now it's in God's hands. Moving on.

3 more rows left in my baby blanket I am crocheting and then it is trim time. Woot! So excited to be DONE!

OK, I'm outta here, early morning for me tomorrow and I still have to clean the house tonight. YUK!

♥ Tam


grungedandy said...

No not been to that site before it's cool thanks for the link i've got a journal that i made and want to do things in but just can't quite get round to it, i might do some from this & some from suzie blu! bummer your not so well again! my voice is still not here i remembr ordering one before xmas but it just won't come back and play! LOL seeya hugya *G*

Katy said...

I hope the doctors appt goes well.

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