Friday, May 25, 2007

I miss them...

I'm a SAHM. I love it. Some days are not so love filled. I get stressed and irritable like everyone else. Sometimes the inner voice in me is screaming..."If I could just have a weekend without my kids I would ______..." Fill in the blank any way you choose.

So here it is Memorial weekend. BOTH of my kids are gone until Monday with my sister camping. Dennis starts his vacation tomorrow for 9 days. The house is dead silent minus the fan whispering "shhhhhhhhhhh" and the sound of lawn mowers through the opened window....

And you know what...

I'm sad.

I miss my kids.

Who'd have thought.... *sighs*


grungedandy said...


LOL, isn't that just the way we all are? we want what we can't have then when we get it we decide we don't want it anymore!

I wanted some more time to get some scrapping done, we get a bank hol & I spend the day reading!!

Homework on it's way.

Take care


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