Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Art Journal Challenge-Caught Up!

Playing catch-up with Em's Art Challenge...
Here are my last 4 cards which officially makes me CAUGHT UP! Yay!

Week 8 Challenge
Something or someone we miss...

Bazzill cardstock
Pattern paper? My bad...
Making Memories glitter stickers- LOoOoOoOoOove these!

The little journaling book on the back is made by creating a mini accordian album and attaching it to two magnet sheets covered with cardstock. The magnets hold the book closed. This is based on a product I seen a LONG time ago but I just made my own...Simple stuff.

The journaling reads:
I miss you so much Dad... Life and this family hasn't been the same since you died. Iremember hearing people say that same thing before and thinking to myself it was just the pain and the grief talking and that one day after some time had passed they would heal and move on... Now on the "other" side I really understand. Everyday I think of you. Everyday I wish I had just one more hour with you... I wish I could tell you how wonderful you were as a father, how much you taught me about life, love, family and the value of hard work. I wish I could once again sit at my kitchen table and peel potatoes with you or shuck a mess of green beans fresh from the garden or hear you tell the story of the guniea hens that made you laugh until you lost your breath... I miss knowing that if anything goes wrong you will be there with the voice of reason to set me once agaon back on the right path... I wish you could meet my son... And hear his laughter and see how much he loves tools, cars, and being outside just like you did. I wish you were here to fill the empty place in Ashley's heart you left when you died... And for Mom... Who hasn't been truly happy since you left. So that you could give her strength to fight the battle to get well again... I wish you were here Dad... But Heaven is lucky to have you...

Challenge Week 9
Inspiration Found

Colorbok pattern papers
Cardstock, brads, hinge ?
(See this is why I don't submit I just make stuff and forget about the details...LOL)
Letter stickers Making Memories
Deco Scissors Provo Craft

Journaling reads:
What inspires me?
Date: 03/04/07
Right now I am loving glitter and anything "old" and refurbished. The spring sunshine and the budding trees. Abstract art and pencil line prints. International scrap artists and food blogs. LOVE EM! Rhinestones, and the comeback of deco scissors, art mags (especially Sketchbook) and textures like linen, muslin, and more :)

Challenge Week 10
Note to Self

DCWV Cardstock
Flower Post it and Epoxy from Michaels Dollar Spot
Letter epoxy from KI
CI Rub's
7 Gypsies Tab sticker

Journaling reads:

Stop worrying!
The toys can wait, dinner too.
Life goes by too quick. Enjoy the moments!

I actually I am really loving this card. I think it's the color combo and all the sanding to give it the old and abused feel, shabby chic whatev... (hate that term...LOL)

Challenge Week 11
My Initial

DCWV pattern paper
Flowers Prima
Diamond brad Darice

Journaling reads:

T: Hmmm... Truthfully I haven't really thought much about my initial before... But it seems strong when I look at it, and soft when it's lowercase. Interesting! Sort of like me!

Sorry about the weirdo camera angles. My camera kept focusing through the cut out T...LOL

This officially ends my slacker update! :)

We are up to 37 members of the Art Challenge web ring! You women rock! I have 5 sites in que that are missing the code on their web site/blogs. I will be emailing you all soon to try and help you get fixed up. I'm also thinking about making a little web page/blog about the challenge participants. A get to know you thing, faq's...Maybe do an artist showcase... Apparently because I have no life...ya know how it goes. :)

Thanks for checking out my cards...
Much love <3


Roos said...

what a great and beautiful cards did you make .

from holland

valerie said...

these cards are absolutely stunnning love the way you have added the little concertina book

suebaru said...

Yours cards are stunning hun! Especially love the one about your Dad , and the journalling.

Anonymous said...

wow tammy! you've put us all to shame girl, your cards are fantastic! such interesting ideas you have here. i saved every one to my pictures so i (hopefully) will remember them and have another look when I need inspiration. the blog about the ring sounds like a great idea. and I hate to tell you this but I changed my blog template and now my ring thing does'nt appear to be working too well. and I don't have the original numbers, etc to sign into the ring circle..I'm not making much sense Lol!

Lis said...

Fantastic cards! Love the way you did the journaling on 8 and 9.
The cut out T is awesome!

Emily Falconbridge said...

i love love how interactive and creative you are with this tiny space - great cards!

Marjolein said...

Wow, I totally love your cards! Little pieces of art work! Great..... how do you do it? Week 8..... super, so many things on a tiny card!
Week 9, cool, with the different pieces of paper at the back and the hinge thing!
week 10 Great, the black and white combined with red!
week 11 Love the way you cut out the T, makes it real special!

JENN said...

Fantastic cards! Love them all!

Jenny said...

Your cards are so great and creative! Like Emily, I love how interactive they all are!

Ruth said...

Fantastico cards, love the 'miss you' one and that 'T' one

Karla said...

SSHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! AND BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just thought I would scream that out since you are so damn real! Dude...reading your post gave me a boost of girl power at 12am! I can NOT tell you enough how much I appreciated those words. I will e-mail you tomarrow...I just stopped by my blog and HAD to come holla at ya! Girl you are so down.....thanks.....

....oh and your creations are killing me slowly...AWESOME! It goes to show that you don't need all the latest gadgets to make REAL ART! Your soul comes through!

Catch you later honey


Paula said...

Awesome stuff & well done for catching up!!! I hate to be behind too makes me feel lazy.
Love the minibook added on one of the cards for journalling, fab!!!

Debbie said...

Wow! These are all amazing! I can't even pick a favorite, they are all so creative and unique. I can totally relate to the missing your dad card and love the way you fit in all that heartfelt journaling... Wishing "T" was may initial, love the way you cut it out...

Penny said...

Your cards are flippin' awesome! You did some great stuff with these ones. I like that magnet mini-book. I think I had an address book like that years ago. Cool idea.

A.S.K.-P. said...

VERY COOL! Your cards are soo unique & original! I LOVE the little mini book & the glitter on the card about your Dad and the way you cut out the "T" on your initial card. GREAT work!


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